A Day in a Life of a UK Student

I am Georgie, a fashion design student, currently doing my third-year degree in Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge. I am living in a student apartment near the university campus, around 15 minutes walking distance away.


I start the day with a simple breakfast, usually a muffin with jam and a cup of coffee. Sometimes I have breakfast at university canteen as they have so many options such as fried bacon, fried egg, toasted bread, baked beans, cereals and others. After breakfast, I get ready to go to the university studio to start my work on my final project. The 15 minute walk to the university is so relaxing, I always walk along the River Cam. Sometimes if I am lucky, I can see Cambridge University Boat Club having the boat rowing practice.

The first thing to do when I get to the university is to sign up for tutorial time with my lecturer to have a discussion on my project. For third-year fashion students, we only have one lecture class every week, but we come to the university studio and library daily to do self-guided learning and work on our projects. 


After finishing my tutorial with my lecturer,  I go to make some textile samples in the print room before lunch. Normally, I will get my lunch from either the university canteen or the Tesco Express that is located opposite the university. Tesco Express has £3 meal deals where you can pick a sandwich, a snack and a drink of your choice. The university canteen provides many hot food options at cheaper prices, and they do surveys regularly to get students’ feedback on the menu and food quality. Today, the university canteen is serving my favourite meal, which is moussaka and sweet potato fries.


After having lunch and a quick chat with my friend, I do some draping and pattern cutting to get the shape and silhouette for my collection. The best part of doing my work at university is I can use all the facilities, and working with my friends and juniors gives me motivation! We always give each other feedback on everything and I always ask my seniors if I have any issues, but now the role has changed, so I am the one who is helping the juniors instead.

Fashion design is a very expensive course, and to help students lighten their financial burden, my friends and I have started a Fashion Design Society (Cambridge School of Art). Around 5.00 pm, I had a meeting with my committees to discuss the upcoming fund-raising events.


I go to do some grocery shopping with my flatmates before heading home at Asda. We usually prepare dinner together so it costs less, saves time and produces less food wastage. Preparing dinner is always great bonding time for us because we talk about our day and share any issues we have. We are having a mix of Nepali and Romanian cuisine today: an aubergine salad and momo (nepalese style dumplings). 

At 9.00pm, we sit in a big group and hang out for a long time together. We usually watch a TV series, or chat. Then everyone gradually breaks off to do their own work or studies. Sometimes, I also do some reading before bedtime.

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