A Day In My Student’s Life at Keele University

Hi there! My name is Luqman, and I'd like to share with you what's it looks like in a day of being a student at Keele University. A very quick brief about me, I am a Master Science student, pursuing Business Management here at Keele. I am currently in my first semester for this program. I realized that it would be interesting for any of you who are planning to join the University of Keele in the coming months, to know life functions as a University here. Hence, I am writing this essay.  Follow along below to see what a day in my life looks like. Buckle up boys and girls, we are going for a ride.

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7.45 am – Buzz! Time to wake up!

I have lectures every day on campus. Today is Monday and I have two lectures to attend and coursework to work on. Even though my lecture starts at 10.00 am, I prefer to wake up a bit early to prepare breakfast and do a bit of my 'plan for the day. The first thing I do in the morning is make up my bed, go to shower, get prepared, and be done by around 8.30 am.

After that, I will have my simple and ready-to-go breakfast such as cereals and sandwiches with hot chocolate because it's less time-consuming while checking up my social media and listening to calm music to get the day started.

9.20 am – Going to the lectures

After doing some chores and cleaning, I am ready to go to my first lecture. I have to check the mailbox before leaving the house and then walk towards the bus station as I'm staying off-campus. I have to catch the bus numbered 25, usually leaves at 9.30 am and it takes about 10 minutes to the university. After walking about 3 minutes towards the Keele Business School, I will get myself a cup of coffee or a hot chocolate to keep myself fresh during the lecture. My total journey from my accommodation to the lecture hall is about 15 minutes so I do reach on time if you were curious.

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10 am – Priorities aka Lecture time

The first thing I will do when I arrived at the lecture hall is check in my attendance through the Keele App, made specifically for Keele students. My first lecture of the day is Understanding Consumer Behaviour for 1 hour, followed by International Operation and Supply lecture for 2 more hours before I'm done. I must say both of the modules are fun but it's quite challenging. We learned mostly about human behaviour and how the international supply works from behind the scene.

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1 pm – Happy tummy, happy me

I'm done with my lectures for the day, and now I'm heading to another building called Student Union with some of my course mates. It's a place where most of the students hang out and chit-chat with their friends to kill the time while waiting for the next lecture. We always go and get a sausage roll from Greggs because it tastes great and not to mention it's cheap as well! Other than that, we will eat some proper meals from the cafeteria like fish and chips to keep our tummy satisfied. The price here is pocket-friendly for the students so you don't have to worry much about it.

2 pm – “Feed your brain” time!

Lunchtime is over, it's time to feed your brain. As a Master's student, you will have a lot of coursework and research to do. As we still have some free time for the day, my mates and I will go to the study area located at the Chancellor's building to work on group or individual assignments. The vibes at the study area are very nice and they have a refreshments room as well so it creates the not-so-intense study environment.

3.30 pm – Time to go home

After finishing up the study session, it's time to go home and get some rest. I have to wait for the bus again, but not for long because the bus system here is so efficient. I usually reached my place around 3.45 pm, turn up some music while settling down and get a nap for an hour as I need a break from studies.

5.00 pm – Getting ready

I mean, what can be better than a nap after lectures, right? Nevertheless, I have to get up and get prepared for my rugby training. I forgot to mention, I joined a rugby community & society club here at Keele University. Personally, I think it's important to take time for yourself throughout the day to do other things and for me, playing rugby is my own way of escaping from the reality for a while. After getting ready, I walk to the bus station and catch the bus heading to Keele University.

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6.00 pm – Healthy body, healthy me

I usually arrive at the campus around 5.45 pm and I will go straight to the changing room at the sports center to get changed. The training session lasts about an hour, starting from 6 pm until 7 pm. We do have a rugby match every Wednesday representing Keele, so it's best to give the full commitment during the short training session. To be honest, joining clubs or societies in university is one of the best ways to meet new people and make new friends. If you want to make new friends but don't know how to, then I am encouraging you to join the societies of your own interest!

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8.00 pm – Dinner time

After cleaning up and whatnot, most of the days, I cook my own dinner. Other than it's cheaper, sometimes it tastes better than the food from the restaurant. If you are planning to save up some money, then you can make the dinner by yourself. Most of the student's accommodation has a kitchen provided in the house so it won't be a problem.

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9.00 pm – Chit chat

Dinner is finished, now let's go to the common room. I will spend my time there most of the night unless I have assignments or exams coming up. A common room is a place where the students who live in the same building will meet and hang out while doing some work or just sit there and chit-chat. I will meet my flat mates there and we talked about some random things just to release the stress after a long day at the campus.

10.30 pm – Me time

Finally, my favourite time of the day! I will spend some 'me time' watching series on Netflix or just scrolling through my social media before going to sleep. Again, it's important for yourself each day where you're not doing or thinking about classwork. I like to take this free time to recharge my body, get my mind and body prepared for the next day and get enough sleep before a new day. Overall, it was a great day for me today.

Hope you all have got an idea of how an ordinary day looks like here. Some days are quiet, some are really eventful. Some can be productive and some might be pretty annoying too. But as we say, variety is the spice of life. Challenges make it more exciting. There are loads of opportunities and things to do here than just study. Good luck!

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