A Day in the Life of a Student in Adelaide

Graphics & Words by Caitlin Chuah

Known for its comfortable climate, friendly natives and bustling culture, it’s no wonder Adelaide has been ranked the 3rd most liveable city in the world! To top it off, the city also houses some of the world’s top 2% universities, guaranteeing a top-tier learning experience for international students. Below is a quick guide to what life as a student in Adelaide is like.

Daily Life

Adelaide is a compact and well-connected city; nicknamed the “20-minute city”, it only takes 20 minutes to get to any point in the city! To use public transport, such as buses, trains and trams, it’s recommended that you purchase a metroCARD for use on the Adelaide Metro network. Ride-hailing services such as Uber, Ola, Didi and Taxify are also available. Regardless, most universities in Adelaide are located nearby essential facilities such as hospitals, public transportation networks, shopping malls and recreational areas, making them easily accessible to students living there.

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Recreation and Entertainment

When it comes to recreation, Adelaide is not one to disappoint! Cafes, cinemas, performing arts theatres, beaches, wineries, public parks and open markets are dotted across the city, guaranteeing intriguing activities for all students regardless of their interests. A popular nightlife spot for students is Hindley Street, with many bars, pubs and clubs surrounding the area. Additionally, your university may also host recreational activities, such as sports events, music festivals, art exhibitions and more…the fun never ends!

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Food and Culture

Adelaide houses many museums and galleries and is known for its regular festivals and sporting events. It is also famous for its wineries and wine tours. Another great way to learn about Australian culture is to check out the Aboriginal artefacts display, which can be viewed at the South Australia Museum. As mentioned earlier, Adelaide also has plenty of cafes, fast-food joints, restaurants and eateries of various cuisines to satisfy your palate.

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Adelaide is relatively inexpensive to live in, or more specifically, it can be up to 14% cheaper than other Australian cities. Tertiary students are entitled to a 50% discount on the public transport as well as student discounts in entertainment and hobby areas. It is also easy to find good lunch and dinner deals at various eateries and grocery stores. Certain sports clubs and gyms also offer lower membership fees for students. Take advantage of your time there as a student and collect as many experiences as you can! Good luck!

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