Benefits of Studying Abroad

Graphics and Words by Caitlin Chuah

One by one, you see your friends leaving to study abroad. Even your cousins and siblings seem to be going overseas for their studies! Why is it that so many people are choosing to pursue their higher education abroad rather than locally? Well, there are many valuable benefits to doing so. Keep reading to better understand the benefits of studying abroad!

High-quality education

High-quality education is THE number one reason why students choose to study abroad. Countries such as the UK, Australia, USA and many more are known for their world-renowned tertiary educations. By pursuing your higher education at one of these top study destinations, you will receive an internationally recognized qualification, which will impress many employers and lead you to a path of success.

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Life experience

Travelling to a foreign country, living away from family and paving your way in an unfamiliar culture will all contribute to valuable life experience. Students who study abroad usually come back much more independent, confident and matured. These qualities that you develop while studying abroad will make your transition into adult life much easier. Compared to your peers, you will have a much more advanced ability to support yourself and be independent.

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Career opportunities

Most universities abroad offer internship opportunities or placement years, where students get to work for a period of time and gain work experience. Through this, you will gain valuable work experience, which many employers are looking for nowadays. Bringing these new skills and knowledge back home will give you a head start on your career and propel you towards success.

Furthermore, many students end up receiving job offers and decide to stay on. There are endless career opportunities abroad which you will not be able to find here in Malaysia. Studying abroad could be your key to unlocking a very bright and successful future.

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Expand your network

When you study abroad, you will meet a ton of new people. Some will become your closest friends, and some will be valuable acquaintances. The more people you meet, the larger your network becomes and the more opportunities for success will come your way. Get to know all your classmates, your juniors, seniors and even your lecturers! Many students don’t realise it, but since lecturers are experts in their industries, they are the ones who can offer the most value to you.

One great tip is to use LinkedIn. For those who don’t know, LinkedIn is an online platform where you can source for jobs and connect with others in the same industry. Many students have found great opportunities and made vital connections through LinkedIn.

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Explore a whole new culture

Lastly, you get to experience a culture different from your own. Different food, different people, different language, different lifestyle…experiencing all these things will help you gain cultural awareness and break down cultural barriers when you interact with people from different backgrounds. This allows you to contribute in creating a harmonious and respectful society, wherever you are in the world. 

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