Foreign University Campuses in Malaysia – Part 1

Graphics and Words by Caitlin Chuah

It’s true, you need not travel far to get world-class education, as there are plenty of top-notch foreign universities in Malaysia itself! With all things considered, studying close to home is always the preferred choice, as it allows for lower costs and a familiar environment that will ease you comfortably into university life. Below are our top picks of foreign university campuses in Malaysia for you to browse from!

Heriot-Watt University Malaysia

Hailing from the UK, Heriot-Watt University has gained a reputation for its global research and educational innovation. Ranked 281 in the world1, its Malaysian campus sits on 4.8 acres of land in a scenic lakeside location and houses top-tier educational and research facilities. They offer an admirable range of courses, such as Business, Engineering, Psychology, Computer Science, Architecture and more!

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University of Southampton Malaysia

With an impressive ranking of 78th in the world1, the University of Southampton has garnered international recognition for its educational excellence and pioneering research, which Malaysians can now experience at their doorstep! Boasting strong links with industry partners such as Microsoft and IBM, students at Southampton possess a chance to turn their ideas into realities. Some of their popular courses include Business & Finance, Economics & Accounting, Engineering, Medicine and more!

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University of Reading Malaysia

Ranked 229th in the world1, the University of Reading has brought a high calibre of teaching to Malaysian waters. Known for its vibrant student life and global outlook on education, students at Reading hold the necessary resources to achieve their maximum potential. A few of their popular courses include Computer Science, Law, Psychology, Food Sciences, Business, Construction Management and more!

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Newcastle University Malaysia

As a global leader in academic experiences, the QS World University Rankings 2023 has placed Newcastle University at 122nd in the world! Its Malaysian faculties and staffs consist of world-class experts in their respective fields, alongside modern facilities to complement students’ learning experience. Additionally, Newcastle University holds an acclaimed reputation for their medical, biomedical and life science courses.

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Curtin University Malaysia

Hailing from the land down under (Australia), Curtin University has brought its immersive learning experience to Malaysians across the nation. Ranked 193 in the world1, Curtin University is known for its work-integrated learning and close collaborations with renowned industry experts, allowing students to hone their skills in workplace-simulated environments. They are known for subject areas such as Engineering, Agriculture, Physical Sciences, Health, Education, IT and many more!

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