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How does JM’s education counselling work?

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You might already know that we are an “education counselling agency”, but you’re probably wondering, what exactly is it that we do? Well, in this blogpost, we will be breaking down each of our services and how they work.

Education Counselling

If you’re a student whose about to finish high-school, or perhaps you have already, and is planning the next step of your education, then you have come to the right place. Education counselling is a service that provides advice and assistance to help students make the right decision for their studies. Our counsellors will assess your wants, needs and qualifications, then provide you with an array of course and university options that fit your expectations.

Simply walk into one of our centres or contact us online to gain the necessary guidance to make your study decision.

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University Application Assistance

Our services don’t just stop at counselling, we will carry you through the entire application process! This includes helping you contact the university, gathering the necessary forms and organizing and submitting all documents before the deadline. For those applying to the UK, we will also help you with your personal statement. Additionally, if the university has certain language requirements, we can help you apply for language requirement tests such as the TOEFL and IELTS.

We will ensure that every application need is met and maintain consistent contact with you throughout the process.

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Visa & Health Insurance

If you plan to further your studies overseas, you will need a Student Visa to do so. Hence, we will also guide you through the Visa application, from compiling the documents, aiding in Visa payment and securing a medical check-up.

Moreover, we can help you in purchasing an OSHC (Overseas Student Health Cover), which is required for international students on a temporary Student Visa, especially for those in Australia. You can either get your OSHC online by yourself, or we can arrange it for you with the best value possible.

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We have a list of student accommodation partners that can assist you in securing your home away from home. Our list of partners include: Student.com, Casita, Urbanest, Atira and Scape Group. We will connect you to one of our accommodation partners as part of our service.

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Additional Information

As of today, JM represents a total of 8 countries: Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Ireland, Malaysia, Singapore, United States and Canada. We are partnered with over 380 schools, colleges and universities in the aforementioned countries, all whom are excited to accept students like you! Furthermore, our counsellors are experienced and multilingual, granting you with the best possible service and advice. Oh, and did I mention that our services are completely FREE? Yes, you heard me, absolutely free-of-charge 😉.

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If you have any questions or inquiries regarding your tertiary education, feel free to contact us. Our services include: education and career counselling, assistance in college/university applications, student visa application, arranging accommodation and more!

Our services are free!

Let us help you get into your dream institution.

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