Braemar College

Braemar College is a private secondary school located in downtown Toronto, near the University of Toronto. Its programs are designed to ensure students realize their academic, personal, and social potential. The college provides support to each student to assist in admission to universities and colleges across North America, and indeed, across the ocean: Braemar graduates have gone on to study in the United States of America, United Kingdom, and other countries.

Braemar College was founded in 1995 to assist students acquire, improve, and perfect their academic skills in preparation for post-secondary studies. Both for local and international students, the college offers a context in which understanding, and becoming genuinely familiar with other cultures, histories, and languages, is the norm. This is of crucial importance at the dawn of the 21st century, as economies globalize, and future opportunities increasingly arise in diverse places.

Courses Offered

  • Grade 9 - 12
  • Grade 12 - College Preparation
  • Grade 12 - University Preparation

University Campus

  • Toronto, Ontario

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