Curtin University of Technology

Curtin University Malaysia (Curtin Malaysia) is a globally-focused, locally-engaged institution that takes pride in the broad range and high quality of its programmes in engineering and related sciences, technology, business and communications, which gain strength and currency from its strong industry, government and community links.

By developing new ideas and promoting lasting knowledge, and continually rejuvenating itself with contemporary technology-rich learning spaces, high-tech laboratories and research facilities, Curtin Malaysia is creating an academic environment where students and scholars from around the world can be inspired to excel in their programmes of study and research.

Established in 1999 through a joint venture between Curtin University and the Sarawak Government to advance knowledge acquisition, socio-economic development and human capital in Sarawak, Curtin Malaysia has through the years built a formidable reputation for excellence in practical education and outcome-oriented research, and for preparing international graduates for success in a rapidly changing world. Today, it is Curtin’s largest international campus and is fast expanding its footprint as Curtin’s global hub in Asia.

Courses Offered

  • Engineering
  • Business
  • Commerce
  • Finance
  • Management

University Campus

  • Miri, Sarawak

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