Munster Technological University

Munster Technological University is a newly established university in January 2021 with the merger of two very well known Irish techonological institutes: Cork Institute of Technology and IT Tralee.

It is a multi-campus set up through out Cork and Kerry with a total of 6 campuses and around 18,000 students contributing to the region through the provision of academic programmes that support student development and opportunities, education and research.

The university provides over 140 courses and programmes at an affordable tuition fee and students get to enjoy the lower living cost in comparison with staying in Dublin. Eventhough it is a new university, both Cork Insitute of Technology and IT Tralee was established over 40 years ago, solidifying its links with their industry partners through this merger.

Courses Offered

  • Early Childhood
  • Business
  • IT Computing
  • Culinary Arts
  • Graphics
  • Nursing

University Campus

  • Cork and Kerry

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