UWA College

UWA College is a pathway provider designed to prepare international students to The University of Western Australia (UWA). Students will benefit from their tailored learning experience and preparation across a range of Foundation, Diploma and Pre-Master’s programmes. Upon completion, students are guaranteed with a place in the university by achieving the necessary grades and any other additional selection criteria prescribed by UWA (with the exception of degree programs which have a quota).

The programmes offered at UWA College are designed by UWA to provide students with a smoother academic stepping stone into their university-level studies. UWA College is located on the university’s (UWA) main campus in Perth. Students will be able to enjoy and overall access to the university’s facilities. Students are also a member of the UWA Student Guild where students can join clubs and societies to gain their first hand experience as a university student.

UWA College deliver their programmes through an adaptive academic system to encourage students with a smoother transistion. Classes are in small groups, augmented by university-style lectures and individual timetabled tutorials. With students coming from multiple countries, students are able to gain a multicultural study experience.

Courses Offered

  • UWA Foundation Program
  • Diploma
  • Pre-Master's Programs

University Campus

  • Perth

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