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Keeping COVID-19 Safe in Your Student Accommodation

A guide to safety measures in student accommodation

It’s a new, very different world that we live in now. COVID19 has changed the way we live, socialise and shop. Universities across the globe are announcing their opening plans. From online lectures to smaller seminar groups, the preparation for the academic year of 2020/21 is in full swing. As we get used to the ‘new normal’ we wanted to see what student accommodation looks like with COVID19 safety measures. So we have taken a look behind the scenes of student accommodation: 

Location, location, location

With many universities still committing to in person learning there’s still a need to be in your university city. Cities and university campuses across the UK have been transformed into social distanced environments, enabling students to enjoy the space in a safe way. If you can’t travel to view potential student accommodation properties, you can view the video viewings that are now available for some properties. 

Keep it clean

Regular cleaning is key. In student accommodation the already high levels of cleanliness is now increased further to ensure all communal spaces are safe. Hand sanitiser stations and one-way systems for areas of the buildings where social distancing can’t happen are one way which helps keep residents safe. 

Here for you

In these times it’s more important than ever to have a support network for you at university. Universities are providing additional counselling and support for students, and in student accommodation locations the site teams are there for you. From small social distanced events in the accommodation, to providing online support toolkits, and being that friendly face to chat to. Whilst things such as parcel pick-ups and self-service check-ins may look a bit different to before, having that community feel hasn’t changed. 

Students Accommodation available in UK

Have you already set your goals to study abroad in the UK? Well, the next step is to find a temporary house for you to live in during your time there. We partnered with some of the best student accommodations where they offer different housing options for international students. Let us help you find your perfect home abroad!

We have different student accommodation choices that provide different prices. In general, accommodations located in the city (for example in London / Manchester / Birmingham) will be much more expensive compared to the accommodations in the town (for example in Kent / Loughborough).

You may hear of the terms ‘purpose-built student accommodation’ and ‘private housing’. Well, ‘purpose-built student accommodation’ is a fully-furnished accommodation that has been designed and built specifically for students only where it is usually 24/7 guarded by security, managed by onsite teams and equipped with the facilities like laundry place, gym and reception for students daily life needs. ‘Private housing' means private or shared living in a house, apartment, hotel or homestay but it is not that fully equipped with facilities compared to purpose-built student accommodation.

Here are some of the partners we work with:


Student.com has been in the industry for 6 years and they have assisted many students to find their home in the UK. They have provided a vast and carefully selected range of rooms that were built and run explicitly for students.

Find out more through this link: https://www.student.com/.


Casita is an online platform that assists university students from all around the globe to get them the best home while studying abroad. They offer good quality and well-trusted accommodation options that are built and managed for university students. No booking fee is charged.

Find out more through this link: https://www.casita.com/.

 Here are the accommodation types: 

Accommodation typeAverage room prices per weekLink for more info!
Shared room in London£243https://www.student.com/uk/london?category%5B%5D=shared-room
Private Room in London£271https://www.student.com/uk/london?category%5B%5D=private-room
Entire Place in London£446https://www.student.com/uk/london?category%5B%5D=entire-place
Private Room in Loughborough£110https://www.student.com/uk/loughborough?category%5B%5D=private-room
Entire Place in Loughborough£164https://www.student.com/uk/loughborough?category%5B%5D=entire-place
(Price reference from Student.com, March 2021)

Besides accommodation, we also work with Brightworld Education and Guardianships. University students who are aged under 18 and won’t be accompanied by the parents during their studies in the UK will be required to nominate a UK guardian and Brightworld Education and Guardianship has a guardianship programme that is specially designed to fulfil the UKVI requirements for international students. Brightworld Education and Guardianships also provide assistance in liaising with student’s university in unexpected situations and providing 24/7 emergency phone service for students and parents. 

Find out more through this link: https://www.brightworld.co.uk/

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