Student Testimonial: Delia Claudette Undan Dumpangol

Our counsellors from our Kota Kinabalu office have assisted Delia on her study journey to the UK from A to Z. Here's what Delia has to say about her experience going through JM:

"My family and I have had nothing but wonderful experiences with JM Education. Since graduating from KIS, JM has made the transition to further studies seamless for myself and my siblings. Their detailed guidance and streamlined process ensured that everything was clear and manageable, transforming what could have been a complex application process into a simple checklist of tasks before embarking on my university adventure. 

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Taking pictures with the Malaysian Students Association Committee

I am particularly grateful for Jia Shin, whose dedicated support was pivotal throughout our application process. JM's prompt response to any concerns and their proactive approach in handling issues were particularly impressive, ensuring that every step was smooth and stress-free. 

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Having dinner at our flat

Studying in the UK has since been a dream come true, and much of this is thanks to the solid foundation provided by JM. The vibrant culture, diverse community, and the excellent education I am receiving here are more than I could have asked for. 

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One Spring day in Bristol

I've recommended JM to many friends and family, as their expert guidance is indispensable for anyone looking to enhance their educational journey and experience the best of what life abroad has to offer" - Delia Claudette Undan Dumpangol

Delia is currently studying in her second year of LLB Law with Business Degree program at the University of the West of England Bristol (UWE Bristol).

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