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Adelaide is one of the most ideal cities for students to further their studies in. With a welcoming community, affordable living and accessible student resources, it’s no wonder the city receives over 20,000 international students per year!1 Additionally, there are over 500 occupations available in Adelaide for international graduates2, meaning an abundance of job opportunities once you complete your studies at any of Adelaide’s excellent institutions.

Below are three of our top Adelaide university picks for you:

The University of Adelaide

Ranked #8 in Australia and #108 worldwide3, the University of Adelaide boasts world-class education, staff and facilities. With an essential focus on research, innovation and societal participation, the university is a breeding ground for successful graduates who go on to achieve great milestones in their careers.

The university has over 550 undergraduate and postgraduate programmes combined, with 14 subjects ranked in the Global Top 1004. A few of their popular subjects include: Nursing, Dentistry, Pharmacology, Computer Science, Veterinary Science and Engineering. The University of Adelaide also has a variety of industry, community, research and global partnerships, which are monumentally beneficial to students.

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The University of South Australia

Known as the “University of Enterprise”, the University of South Australia is ranked top 350 globally3 with a 5-star QS rating. They are also one of the world’s top young universities, ranked #29 in the 2021 QS Top 50 Universities Aged Under 50.

At the University of South Australia, students can choose from over 200 highly-acclaimed degrees, accompanied with industry experiences and partnerships, allowing students to learn through an education beyond the classroom. Students at UniSA also possess the opportunity to engage in the university’s world-class research and community involvement, which is amplified through top-notch facilities and faculty members.

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Flinders University

Ranked Top 100 in the 2022 QS World University Rankings by Subject and Top 500 globally3, Flinders University offers a broad range of subjects for students to choose from, with over 300 undergraduate programmes and 200+ postgraduate programmes.

Flinders University stands out with their friendly and inclusive community, giving students a voice and platform to explore their passions. The university houses around 25,000 students, with international students making up around 20% of their student population5. Flinders places a solid focus on research, enterprise and innovation in education, producing graduates who are equipped with the proper knowledge and skills to take on their budding careers.

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