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Study Journey with Afif

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Hi, my name is Afif Ikmal and I’m 21 years old. I study in University of Huddersfield, UK. I am currently doing a placement year in Haines Watts, Leeds.

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Why did you choose University of Huddersfield, UK?

I chose the UK because I’ve always wanted to visit here ever since I was little. I chose Huddersfield specifically for the reason that there aren’t many Malaysians here. I didn’t really see the point of studying abroad if you just end up mixing with your own people. I really wanted to learn and experience other cultures.

How has your university experience been so far?

My experience in the UK has been great. One key highlight is that I play rugby for the university team as well as a local club. There are a lot of things that I’ve learned and a lot of friends that I’ve gained over the past few years, which were really nice and helpful. My experiences here have made me into the person I am today.

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What is your favourite thing about the UK?

…definitely the people. You can ask anyone who’s studied here, I can guarantee their answer would be the people. There is nowhere back home where I can just walk up to someone and begin conversing with them as openly as I’ve done here.

How did JM help you during the application process?

Back in 2018, right after I received my SPM results, I tried to apply to the UK myself, but it didn’t work out. I then stumbled upon JM and they literally helped me throughout the entire process. I didn’t really have to do anything. All they required me to do was sign a couple of papers, make some transactions and that was it.

What’s more, the JM agent who helped me during the application process still keeps in contact with me and updates me on certain things that I need to be aware of. Which is great, because they don’t just abandon once you enter university, instead JM will keep progressing with you and checking in on you. Without them, I wouldn’t be here today.  

 Would you recommend JM to others?

I’ve got nothing but love and respect for JM. I would highly recommend them to any student who wants to study overseas in the foreseeable future.

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Study Journey with Afif

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