Study Journey with Ian

Graphics and Words by Caitlin Chuah

Hello guys, my name is Ian Hwa Jun Phang. I’m 24 this year and I studied at Coventry University with a Bachelor’s in Accounting and Finance.

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Why did you choose to study in Coventry?

I chose Coventry because of its study environment. I didn’t really want a bustling city life such as London, so I chose Coventry as it is a more laidback peaceful area of the UK.

How was your university experience?

My university experience, I would say, was quite an amazing journey. I grew and learned a lot over there. It was quite interesting studying at Coventry for the past 3 years.

What was your favourite memory in the UK?

My favourite memory was getting to know more people. I also loved increasing my knowledge through the degree I took. But more importantly for me was being able to widen my connections and widen my horizons.

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How did JM help you throughout the application process?

Back in 2018, my parents and I went down to JM Education. He was very helpful and patient in assisting me throughout the application process.

Would you recommend JM to others?

Deep down in my heart, I believe JM is a really good service and helpful in all ways. I would definitely recommend JM to my friends and my family back home in Malaysia if I have the chance.

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Study Journey with Ian

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