Studying Abroad vs Locally

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It’s wrong to assume that one who studies abroad will be more successful than one who studies locally. Both studying abroad and in your home country can grant you a high-quality education and open up many career opportunities. However, they each come with their pros and cons. To ease your deciding process, we have created a detailed list of the different factors to consider when deciding to study abroad or locally.

Adapting to a New Environment

Transitioning from high school to university can be quite a challenge. Having to be more independent and for some, living away from family, may cause some anxiety and hardships. However, choosing to study locally will ease some of that anxiety, as there is no need to adapt to a new culture, food, people, weather and language, most of which you will encounter if you choose to study abroad. However, if you are up for an exciting challenge and memorable adventure, studying abroad would be the better option for you.

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This is probably the greatest deciding factor for many. Undoubtedly, studying abroad will cost a lot more. Taking into consideration currency exchange, living expenses, tuition fees and accommodation, studying abroad will almost always cost substantially more than studying locally. However, if finances aren’t an issue for you, or if you have access to scholarships, bursaries or study loans, then most would prefer studying abroad, as it will allow you to expand your connections and gain more exposure, which leads us to our next point…

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Connections and Exposure

Both studying abroad and locally will allow you to meet and become acquainted with new people. The difference is, studying abroad will bring you acquaintances from various countries and perspectives, which will unquestionably widen and improve your opportunities for career connections and success. Many students even continue staying abroad to work due to better job opportunities there.

Even if you choose to return home after studying abroad, although it is not always the case, many employers favour those who have studied abroad rather than locally. Additionally, being immersed in a different culture and lifestyle abroad will expand your horizons, granting you a new and fresh perspective that could bring value to your career after you graduate.

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Courses and Institutions

Although Malaysia has its fair share of world-class universities, if you are seeking to study in a higher-ranking institution, being open to studying abroad will increase your options by tenfold. Furthermore, there are many niche courses and study pathways available in other countries that aren’t available in Malaysia. Lastly, the experience and soft skills that you gain abroad is also a valuable part of your university studies that you should weigh up when deciding where to study.

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