JM Education Group


Chew Khai Wen - Bachelor of Marketing and Management - Newcastle University - UK
Chew Khai Wen
NameChew Khai Wen
ProgrammeBachelor of Marketing and Management
InstitutionNewcastle University
City StateNewcastle

It is my great pleasure to write this letter of recommendation as a former client for Ms.ChooJia Yi( From JM Sri Hartamas) to complement for her extensive service on providing assistance for student in terms of UCAS application submission as well university admission.

Meanwhile, I am also immensely impressed of her professionalism in analyzing the prospect of courses and universities to student prior to student making decision of university to further their study abroad. Besides that, she is also highly committed and professional to her job and also a student advisor whom enthusiastic as well as patience on providing guidance to student on requesting for exemption and scholarship.

I personally have been to several student recruitment agencies to consult about information of further study abroad and I have never encountered such student advisor like Ms. ChooJia Yi whom are so helpful, professional and truthful before.

I therefore enthusiastically offer my recommendation of Ms. ChooJia Yi without reservation. If you have any questions or require further information, I would be glad to provide it.

Jacqueline Ng - Bachelor of Art - Deakin University - Melbourne - Australia
Jacqueline Ng
NameJacqueline Ng
ProgrammeBachelor of Art
InstitutionDeakin University
City StateMelbourne

After I made up my mind to study overseas, I was quite confused and worried about what should I do first, which university should I choose and so on. As everybody knows applying for a course in a foreign country is not easy, and so my friend suggested me to pay a visit to the counseling centre which is opposite my college (Taylor’s College Sri Hartamas).

I was very fortunate and glad to meet Jia Yi who is a really kind, helpful and knowledgeable person. She had given me many guidance, advice and suggestions. She helped me to apply for the course, accommodation as well as visas. She also reply me promptly through email whenever I have a question. Thank you for providing such invaluable service and I really appreciate it.

Tay Wee Mae - Foundation, Eynesbury College - University of Adelaide - Australia
Tay Wee Mae
NameTay Wee Mae
ProgrammeFoundation, Eynesbury College
InstitutionUniversity of Adelaide
City StateAdelaide

Hello, my name is Tay Wee Mae. I graduated from the foundation studies programme (international) at Eynesbury College in November 2015. With the help of Ms Penny from JM Education Bandar Utama, I managed to apply to Eynesbury College with ease. The application procedures were very smooth as Ms Penny was very efficient in helping me complete the necessary documents. She also provided extra information and helped to settle my accommodation in Adelaide.

I truly enjoyed my programme at Eynesbury College. The teachers there are always more than willing to help whenever the students face problems in their studies. It is also a place to meet new friends as there are international students who come from all over the world. Eynesbury College also allocates time for students to self-study and do fun activities. With the free time that I had, I joined the Adelaide University Choral Society. Through the choir, I met more people and gained many more new experiences. The choir normally holds regular concert programmes or sing at events.

Adelaide is also a very peaceful place to live in. It has a very calm and relaxed atmosphere which makes you feel less stressed. There are also many beautiful gardens, parks and beaches in Adelaide. Most of the places are easy accessible by public transport. The people in Adelaide are also very friendly, providing help whenever you are in need.

To sum it all, I have had a good year and a wonderful experience in Adelaide. I will be continuing my studies in the University of Adelaide.

Aliaa Rozali - Master in Entrepreneurship and Management - University of Sheffield - UK
Aliaa Rozali
NameAliaa Rozali
ProgrammeMaster in Entrepreneurship and Management
InstitutionUniversity of Sheffield
City StateSheffield

The service given to me was fantastic with highly commendable knowledge and expertise shown in facilitating every step of the application process, from the university selection, documents assortment and getting the visa. The excellence in customer relations is no doubt one the best thing that I have ever came across at JM Education. Their precision in the education field has enable me to currently pursue my pre - masters at University of Sheffield International College and fulfill my dream in getting a Masters Degree in Entrepreneurship and Management at University of Sheffield. Thank you JM Education and gazillion thank you to Siti who handled my case. She is from JM Education, Sri Hartamas (KL) office.

Aaron Wan - Bachelor of Engineering - University college Dublin - Ireland
Aaron Wan
NameAaron Wan
ProgrammeBachelor of Engineering
InstitutionUniversity college Dublin
City StateDublin

Testimonial from Parent, Ms Dora Wan.

My son, Aaron was the First Malaysian student to apply to study Engineering Degree course in UCD. I first got to know about UCD when I visited Education Fair organized by JM Education. UCD is well know for its medical studies but when I found out that their 1st Year Engineering Degree has a Common Subjects discipline without specializing in any areas, I got interested. Aaron still cannot decide on which engineering specialty to go into so this would be the best engineering course for him to have a feel on all the engineering subjects modules and then only specialize in the discipline he likes in the 2nd year.

Before I proceed further in Aaron's application, I contacted the Board of Engineers in Malaysia to confirm that the Engineering Degree offered by UCD is recognized by them and indeed, it is. This will ensure that when Aaron graduates and returns back to Malaysia, he will be assured of having his Degree recognized and in getting a job.

Then, we applied through JM Education and even though my son was their first student in pursuing an Engineering Degree course with UCD, the JM staff were very helpful and professional especially, the staff named Sam in explaining to us about the University, the programmes offered, the fees and living costs involved, They assisted us in the application to study in the University and follow up with the Enrolment Officer regularly on the status of my son's application, liaising with the Engineering Faculty Professor in assessing Aaron's grades and even organizing to have UCD Staff to come over to Malaysia to visit and talk to us. It was a long, anxious and tedious process because of the time difference in our two countries in getting the Application and Offers approved but it was worth it.

The UCD staff, Ms Sue McAlinden, Ms Terri Hounsom and Ms Kiko were most helpful in giving us advice from the initial stage of application to my son, Aaron flying over to Dublin and settling down to UCD. He is now settling well and has met many friends from all over the world . I can see from his photos of his smiling face that we have made the right decision and he is happy to be in UCD.

I would like to advice students and parents to consider studying in UCD especially in the Engineering Degree programme. Most first year, engineering students are still unable to decide the engineering specialization to take up. Most Universities offering Engineering Degree does not allow students to have a clear understanding of the specialized discipline and before you know it, many students realized they have enrolled in the wrong engineering specialty from the first year.

Dublin is a lovely city, safe, clean and the cost of living compared to many other countries are reasonably low. It is also a city with not too much distractions for students and therefore, a good place to focus on studies.

Mohd Zaki - PHD for Chemical Engineering - University of Western Australia - Perth
Mohd Zaki
NameMohd Zaki Bin Zainak Abidin
ProgrammePHD for Chemical Engineering
InstitutionUniversity of Western Australia
City StatePerth

I just recently registered as a PhD student for Chemical Engineering at University of Western Australia (UWA), Perth. Currently, I am working with flow assurance’s research group at Australian Resource Research Centre (ARRC), Kensington.

Under the sponsorship from Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education, I had started my university’s application in March 2015 at various universities in UK, USA and Australia. I then made a decision to pursue my study at UWA due to its reputation as one of top universities in the world and they have expertise and facilities in my area of study.

The procedure for the application was a bit hectic since it involved a lot of requirements especially from my sponsor since we are required to officially start our study before the end of year 2015. I was told from my father to contact JM Education Group since they had helped my sister for her degree’s application at University of Melbourne in 2002.

Luckily, with the assistance by Mr Erwin, which was then continued by Miss Adrianna,the application procedures have been done smoothly. Both of them have persistently helping me throughout the application period especially for updating my status of application from time to time as well as responding to my queries, either through phone call or email. They have given an assurance for me that this procedure will be done accordingly though that we had a short period of time to do it so. I really appreciate Miss Adrianna’s assistance especially for tedious applications such as visa’s application and Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE).

Lastly, I would like to give my full gratitude to JM Education Group , especially Mr Erwin Tan and Miss Adrianna Yang for assisting me on my PhD application. Thank you.

Tam Yit Wey - Science Engineering Foundation - Leeds International Study Center - UK
Tam Yit Wey
NameTam Yit Wey
ProgrammeScience Engineering Foundation
InstitutionLeeds International Study Center
City StateLeeds

I''m currently study in an International Study Center located in Leeds that enables progression towards Leeds University and many other Universities. Leeds is one of the biggest city located in Yorkshire therefore they have lots of events and festival. The atmosphere during the weekends is fantastic, the city is very diverse as there are many people from different races have their shops or restaurant therefore foreign students can still have their homeland food. My international study center is link with University of Leeds Beckett, however we are still able to access to Leeds University library and also able to join the student union or any sports activities. The location of the accommodation provided is also convenience as it is located nearby the city center therefore walking is not a problem. Overall, my experience here in Leeds has been good.

Thank you JM! 

Kunaal Doshi - MSc Psychology Sport and Exercise - Loughborough University - UK
Kunaal Doshi
NameKunaal Doshi
ProgrammeMSc Psychology Sport and Exercise
InstitutionLoughborough University
City StateLoughborough

Applying for a Masters program in a foreign country can be daunting, challenging and tricky to say the least. I was vey fortunate to have had JM Education Group and especially the exteremly helpful, efficient and knowledgeable staff from the Sri Hartamas (KL) branch, Ms Jia Yi and Ms Siti, who are also one of nicest and kindest people I’ve met. I highly recommend JM Education Group, as they will help you every step of the way. The benefit of this is that you do not have to worry about the complicated procedures involved when making an application as well as ensuring that you do not forget anything in what can at times be a lengthy process. What I liked best about JM Education Group was the personal touch to their services. The staff really take the time to get know you and help you out the best way you can. There is no task too big or small for them and they are always there for you, which really filled me with confidence about my next step.

Thank you JM! 

Goh Xin Yen - Bachelor of Psychology - Loughborough University - UK
Goh Xin Yen
NameGoh Xin Yen
ProgrammeBachelor of Psychology
InstitutionLoughborough University
City StateLoughborough

Testimonial from Parent : Mrs. Goh

Back in December 2014, my husband & I were checking on the different education agents in town & we finally decided on JM Education Group in Subang Jaya. We met up with Mr Erwin Tan where he explained to us on the whole UCAS application process. Also, we could see that he has wide knowledge on the UK universities & was able to answer our questions easily. We want an agent who can provide advice & guidance & most importantly, assist us in any way he can & Erwin did that, an experienced & knowledgeable guy.

In January this year, we went to JM office to submit in all relevant documents & Erwin delegated the task to Ms Ummi to handle the UCAS application on our behalf. As my daughter, Xin Yen was busy with her part-time job at that time, I was the one that Ummi liaised with. She would regularly keep me updated by forwarding any information that she received from UCAS. She was efficient & prompt in providing answers to my questions.

After Xin Yen has accepted the unconditional offer from Loughborough University & made it her first choice, everything started to move quickly. Information from the university started to come in via email & upon receipt, Ummi would quickly forward these to us for our attention.

The online booking for accommodation was completed by Xin Yen where she had successfully confirmed the flat/room of her choice. A few days later, I was pleasantly surprised with a call from Ummi & I appreciate that she took the initiative to check with us whether we had applied for accommodation.

Ummi assisted my daughter with her online visa application & guided her in every step of the way. It was complex, with tons of questions asked & my daughter would not be able to manage it without Ummi's help. Furthermore, Ummi also assisted me with the online payment for the student visa & NHS fees. The whole process went smoothly without a hitch although it took more than an hour to complete!

I am pleased to inform that Xin Yen has settled in well at the university after arriving into UK in September. She is enjoying university life & meeting new friends there.

I must say that our 9-month 'journey' with JM Education Group was a good experience for us, starting from the day we met up until the day my daughter flew off to UK.

In view of JM Education Group good & reliable service, I would not hesitate to recommend JM Education Group to any parents who plan to send their children for overseas studies. Last but not least, a BIG THANK YOU to Erwin & Ummi for their kind assistance & guidance. Keep it up! All the Best! 

Kimberly Kok Yu Min - Bachelor of Commerce - University of Melbourne - Australia
NameKimberly Kok Yu Min
ProgrammeBachelor of Commerce
InstitutionUniversity of Melbourne
City StateMelbourne

JM Education Group is a great consultant for study abroad. The Sri Hartamas, KL office have assisted me to apply to the University of Melbourne. Both Siti and Jia Yi are immensely helpful and friendly! They are willing to go beyond their call of duty to ensure my application process is smooth and they are a great team that provides excellent services. Thank you JM! 

Tannaz - BA (Hon) Business Economics and Finance - University of Massachusetts - U.S.A.
ProgrammeBA (Hon) Business Economics and Finance
InstitutionUniversity of Massachusetts
City StateDartmouth

Every course and every university is different and each student wants different things. The chances of finding a perfect match can be a challenge.

I am writing this Testimonial as a humble note of appreciation for the quality service provided by JM Education Group (JM) office staff throughout my admission and visa. After finishing a BA degree at the University Of Nottingham Malaysia Campus, I decided to continue my education in the US. I went to JM education for consultation about my study plans. I did some examination on the reputation of the company and I deiced to go ahead with their education pathway plans. I applied for a pre master program at the University of Massachusetts. I am planning to study MSC Finance after I finish the program. I recommended JM Education to my brother and he also applied to the same university (UMASS). He is planning to study BA in engineering. Although US student visa approval may be challenging, there would be a full refund in the case of visa denial. Hence for those who are planning to study in the US do consult with JM Overseas Study Specialist. They will do their best to make your journey smooth and advice you on your planning.

Naomi TEH - Young Leader Program - Trinity College - Australia
Naomi TEH
NameNaomi TEH
ProgrammeYoung Leader Program
InstitutionTrinity College
City StateMelbourne

I joined the December 2014 Young Leaders Program at Trinity College.

To be honest, I wasn't looking forward to the program in the beginning. I much preferred just travelling around Australia. Funny, because I went through a lot applying for a scholarship and getting a supporting statement from my school administrator in the middle of the year. A big thank you to Trinity College and JM Education Group for making the scholarship a reality.

Throughout the two weeks in this program, I've met a bunch of really amazing people, friends that are definitely worth keeping, an extraordinary team of mentors and even lovely staff who never cease to have a smile on their face.

This program was planned perfectly and I enjoyed every single lecture, workshop and activity carried out. It was really interesting because I would always start the day feeling nervous and anxious for the day but as I go through it, I end up having such a good time and looking back now, there wasn't a dull moment.

I actually kept a journal with me all round this program and I updated it everyday. I wrote "so fun" fifteen times! I think that basically sums up my stay in Trinity College. It was so fun!

Thank you so much for this extraordinary experience. I believe that I am now rich, because I have something money can't buy.

Lots of love,

Naomi Teh (Malaysia) 

Andrea Christine Filmer - Master of Global Media Communication - Melbourne U - Australia
Andrea Christine Filmer
NameAndrea Christine Filmer
ProgrammeMaster of Global Media Communication
InstitutionUniversity of Melbourne
City StateMelbourne

Deciding to put your career on hold to pursue further studies can be a daunting and sometimes, scary prospect. It definitely was for my husband and I who had already been in the workforce for about six years. However, it's a decision I have never regretted. JM definitely made the road for us easier as they were our intermediaries and the point people in our communications with different Australian universities. With their help, replies from institutions to our many queries were swift in coming and a lot of stress was taken off our shoulders. In the end, we decided on the University of Melbourne - Australia's leading university. Our year abroad was incredibly exciting and eventful with the beautiful city providing us a multicultural, multi-seasonal backdrop. Don't forget your umbrella if you're planning to go there! I would recommend JM and Melbourne, in particular, to all post-graduate students. The classes are diverse and thought-provoking and the students come from all corners of the globe. The university has not one but nine libraries, some so comfortable, you'd be happy to spend the night if only that were allowed. Public transport is reliable and affordable and the city, on the whole, is vibrant, safe and pulsing with good energy. 

Ian Tan Jun Wei - From UNSW Foundation to University of New South Wales - Australia
Ian Tan Jun Wei
NameIan Tan Jun Wei
ProgrammeUNSW Foundation
InstitutionUniversity of New South Wales
City StateSydney

The service provided by JMECC to me was absolutely fantastic! All that was needed of me was to provide all the required information and leave all my worries with them so that I could concentrate on my final examinations. My enquiries were always answered quickly. The agent himself would even reply me after working hours and would contact me through mobile if needed. Before I knew it, my application has been successful! A company that goes all the way out there to help provide their service to whoever that needs it is definitely worth looking into.

That aside, university life at The University of New South Wales has been unique when I first started back in 2013! Initially foundation studies before starting my undergraduate degree. It was definitely daunting at first but orientation sessions helped me in gaining new friends from different countries as well as Malaysia of course before actually starting classes. Fitting in was therefore not too difficult with a condition that you are willing to put yourself out there. For a reserved person like me, I had to open myself up in order to meet new people and thus making close friends by doing so. The feeling of homesick does come eventually but it is easily overcome because you are never alone in this kind of situations. Many other students will also be in the same shoes as you having the exact same feelings. Studying in a university overseas is definitely something to look forward to and it is very important that you do not lose concentration in your studies. The experience overseas is certainly amazing and I will definitely recommend giving it a shot! Living overseas away from family teaches you a lot more than you can ever imagine. Overall, studying overseas is a great way to discover different and unique cultures, having an adventure exploring new and exciting things and lastly it changes the way you think about many things.

Saw Tse Chuen - Trinity College - Australia
Saw Tse Chuen
NameSaw Tse Chuen
ProgrammeFoundation Studies
InstitutionTrinity College
City StateMelbourne, Victoria

Trinity College is a place where you get to meet new friends from every corner of the world and get to know different kinds of people. Studying at Trinity has allowed me to enhance my thinking capacity as a student, through assignments and essays. Teachers in Trinity College have given excellent guidance and have given us encouragement as we brave through our exams. Trinity College includes modern technology in their lectures and tutorials, making the learning process much more interesting. Teachers have gi ven close attention to students especially in tutorials where there is close interaction between teacher and student. Students who need help are also given one-to-one sessions, especially when there are assignments or exams coming up.

Melbourne is recognised as one of the most liveable cities in the world, where there are always events and happenings. Living costs in Melbourne are slightly higher as compared to other cities, only because of the high standards of living and the quality of goods and services you are paying for. Trams and trains in Melbourne have made transportation easy and convenient. Melbourne has always been renowned for its food. You will never get homesick because there is definitely food from all around the world, for you to reminisce or for you to try out. Barbecue sessions, picnics and beach outings happen very often in Melbourne. Melbourne is definitely one of the best places to live in as a student as you gain a lot of experience.

Without JMECC, I would not have studied at Trinity College in the first place. JMECC has helped me through choosing my educational paths by letting me recognise what I want to study, and which path I was heading for. Sessions with JMECC counsellors have been good as they provide very friendly and intimate service. After a few sessions with JMECC, my parents have agreed to let me study in Melbourne. JMECC has been very helpful through my application process, as they have helped me with filling in forms and finding a place to live in Melbourne.

Nur Izdihar Azman (Izzy) - University of Sussex - United Kingdom
Nur Izdihar Azman (Izzy)
NameNur Izdihar Azman (Izzy)
ProgrammeMaster of Science - International Marketing
InstitutionThe University of Sussex
City StateSussex
CountryUnited Kingdom

Hello everyone. My name is Nur Izdihar and I am a postgraduate student in University of Sussex, United Kingdom. I would like to take this opportunity to express the quality services delivered by JM Education which have been highly impressive.

I was working full time with an Orthopedic company and without JM Education, it would be almost impossible for me to get everything done on time. From constant changes of Universities to the end of my final decision, they have guided me with full supports and relevant information on the applied course.

Never-the less, the emails are always replied within a second ! Despite their busy schedule with other students, the General Manager herself, Jasmine together with the beautiful assistant, Ummi arranged my PTE test, VISA application and right to the end of my campus accommodation.

I would never forget their warm greetings, pleasant smiles and lastly, their numerous kindness towards myself. Thank you so much Jasmine and Ummi. At last my dream came true!

Till we meet again!

Best Regards,

Nur Izdihar Azman (Izzy)

Kuan Yu Wei - University of Melbourne - Australia
Kuan Yu Wei
NameKuan Yu Wei
ProgrammeBachelor of Commerce
InstitutionThe University of Melbourne
City StateMelbourne, Victoria

Time flies, and I have been in Melbourne for more than a month. I was very busy with assignments before the Easter break. Overall everything is smooth for me.

If you do have students coming here to study and need any assistance or help, just let me know. I am more than happy to help those who are coming here for the first time in their life. I can take them around and let them be familiar with the places in Melbourne.

By the way, I have hundreds of nice pictures taken here. If you need more, just let me know.

Melissa Beata Martin - Australian Maritime College (AMC), University of Tasmania
Melissa Beata Martin
NameMelissa Beata Martin
ProgrammePh.D candidate (Marine Environment: majoring Marine Parasitology)
InstitutionAustralian Maritime College (AMC), University of Tasmania
City StateLaunceston, Tasmania

I was working as a part time research assistant and was keen on furthering my postgraduate studies overseas to Australia. However, corresponding to Graduate Research school can be time consuming, especially when in need to get errands done fast. I was in desperate need of someone to guide me to get things done smoothly and efficiently.

I would never forget the time a good friend of mine by the name of Anthony Jason recommended me to approach an agent by the name of Aileen Lam at JMECC, Subang Jaya. I explained to her briefly of my interest in doing a course related to Marine Biology or Marine Environment in Australia and she was really fast towards my reply. After a review of all the possible universities to enter, my heart was drawn towards AMC. With their constant persistence, I was awarded 2 offers from AMC. One was to do a Masters degree with partial scholarship for international students and another to further my Ph.D. JMECC has also been very helpful towards other applications such as confirmation of student enrolment, student visa, etc.

Tasmania is certainly a serene and peaceful environment for any student to study. Food and accommodation is relatively cheaper then compared to mainland and loads of outdoor activities to do. It has now been 6 weeks have done some really fun stuff such as bushwalking at Cataract Gorge berry picking at Bruney Island, sightseeing at Hastings Caves and loads more to come. Work wise, people here are very friendly and ever willing to help. I have a wonderful supervisor who constantly checks on me every week to ensure l’ve settled down and have started on my research plan.

I highly recommend the expertise of JMECC to anyone in need of an enlightenment of courses they are passionate in. They will patiently guide you through until you have reached your dream destination.

Syed Mohammed Naquib Alhabshi - Australia
Syed Mohammed Naquib Alhabshi
NameSyed Mohammed Naquib Alhabshi
ProgrammeBachelor of Film & Television
InstitutionSwinburne University of Technology
City StateMelbourne, Victoria

Wow! I have settled down here and am picking up advice from various sources to start a fresh life. Nothing much I can say except my salute to JMECC Team who has arranged all the necessary details without much worries to study here. Lecturers and other staff here are caring, helpful, resourceful and you name it, you have it here. Talking about facilities and resources which are important to my study, you would be fascinated as they are up-to-date and above my expectations. Experience wise I would say in 3 years' time, I would be a different person with wider perspectives and knowledge which will definitely help shape my future in the Film & Television industry (my cup of tea).

Tammy Tan Jing Yun - Swinburne University of Technology - Australia
Tammy Tan Jing Yun
NameTammy Tan Jing Yun
ProgrammeGeneral English / Bachelor in Communication Design
InstitutionHolmesglen Institute of TAFE / Swinburne University of Technology
City StateMelbourne, Victoria

Learning English in an English-speaking country is different and interesting. I would say that English is fun and easy to pick up and a worthwhile investment though the duration is less than a few months. Learning and mastering good English is important for me to proceed with my study at Swinburne University of Technology. Overall, this international education would be something that I recommend to future students as I believe that a person's opportunity would be brighter in most aspects. Go for it when possible and don't just stop here. Everything is possible, the same to JMECC who makes everything happen for you.

Muhamad Arif - Swinburne University of Technology - Australia
Muhamad Arif
NameMuhamad Arif
ProgrammeBachelor of Industrial Design
InstitutionSwinburne University of Technology
City StateMelbourne, Victoria

What should I say? I would say that I am proud to be in Swinburne University of Technology, a place for me to be exposed internationally with different cultures and achievements. It's the university that looks confidently to the future that I believe in. Moreover, I am happy to be associated with JMECC which provided timely and efficient and hassle free services to me. I believe my future is bright from this moment as long as I believe in myself and putting the efforts to what I want in life.

Raymond Ow Ren Wen - University of Western Australia
NameRaymond Ow Ren Wen
ProgrammeBachelor of Engineering
InstitutionThe University of Western Australia
City StatePerth, Western Australia

Well, coming to Australia is quite a big change for me as I was on the path to America. However, I think Australia (Perth in particular), is not a bad place to study. Perth is a quiet place, thus it creates a conducive environment for students. I got to know many people of different ethnicity here in Perth too. I would also like to express my thanks to JMECC staff who have assisted and guided me from head to toe till settling down here comfortably. Kudos!

Syed Izwan Syed Ahmad Radzi - Unitec - New Zealand
NameSyed Izwan Syed Ahmad Radzi
ProgrammeBachelor of Applied Technology in Automotive Engineering
City StateAuckland
CountryNew Zealand

Kia ora all... as they say it locally here in New Zealand. I'd just like to extend my thanks to JMECC for helping me secure a place at UNITEC, one of New Zealand's awesome institutions. Even though the counsellors are very busy they still make time for you even if it's a last minute application like mine. The staff at JMECC are very helpful and they know their stuff. No doubt about that, especially Pooi Fun for being such an angel in helping me get everything done in time. (You're such a sweet heart Pooi Fun ). To all students planning to further their studies overseas but not sure where, I highly recommend New Zealand cause it's still affordable and it's a beautiful country to be in. Once again, all this is thanks to the expertise on JMECC in what they do. Keep up the great work people.

Penne Neoh Su Yin - Taylors College - Australia
Penne Neoh Su Yin
NamePenne Neoh Su Yin
ProgrammeHigh School Year 12
InstitutionTaylors College
City StateMelbourne,  Victoria

Nice to hear from you; studying at Taylors was a wonderful experience. The teachers were very helpful and encouraging, they always made sure we were up to date with our work. The structure of our classes and medium of study prepared us for university.

The best thing about Taylors College is that I was able to meet different people from different places to know and learn about their country, heritage and culture which was very interesting. All in all, Taylors have provided me with an unforgettable chapter in life, and I do encourage other young students to excel their studies with Taylors College.

Tan Fu Jin - Curtin University of Technology - Malaysia
Tan Fu Jin
NameTan Fu Jin
ProgrammeBachelor of Engineering
InstitutionCurtin University of Technology
City StateMiri, Sarawak

Of course, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to JMECC, particularly Ms Oon Hooi Ting, for her endless guidance for helping me especially in the application and registration procedures to Curtin. She gave much useful advice and good consultation when I had the dilemma with the various options of universities and courses to choose from.

Besides, JMECC are always a call away when I needed them. Their friendly attitude makes them very approachable and they are really efficient for education counselling. Undeniably, I was worried at first for my choice to Curtin, but after a while being in Curtin, I was glad that my choice was not wrong after all. Curtin is no doubt a good university I can say, especially for their engineering courses. Most of their lecturers are helpful and do concern about the progress of their students.

As for my study experience in Miri, I had a hard time at first, but after being here some time and making friends all around, I started to adapt well to the lovely environment and pleasant people here. Trust me, Miri is populated with very friendly people, it was actually a thrilling fact for me that even strangers are more than glad to give you a helping hand. Being here, my mind indeed widened much as I learnt a lot from the different cultures. This Borneo land is no doubt a lovable and a place full of interests.

Sharifah Khairol Musairah Bin SYED ABDUL MUTALIB - University of Western Australia
NameSharifah Khairol Musairah Bin SYED ABDUL MUTALIB
ProgrammePhD [Business]
InstitutionUniversity of Western Australia
City StatePerth,  Western Australia

I just want to tell you that all is well with me and my family; thank you very much for your support, many thanks to Chris and Abbie too. As you know, we arrive on the 31st of August (Merdeka Day) in the evening and we were collected at the Airport; fortunately we didn't have any problem at the immigration airport.

We stayed at the Trinity College for 4 days only although I made a reservation for 7 days because we were so lucky to have found a house. On Saturday morning, we walked to familiarize ourselves with the area; we found a shopping complex to buy food (I had to ask someone on the street, of course). In the evening, I made a call to my Malaysian friend who happens to have a mother here in Australia (her mother has been in Australia for 25 years already); and she gave me her mother's phone number. Then, I called her mother and they came to our temporary apartment with food (meehoon); I was glad to have that.

The next day (Sunday), they (husband and wife) came again to pick us up and take us on a tour around Perth and took us to their house. While on the journey, I saw a car rental shop that was open on Sunday; that was marvelous because most shops are closed on Saturdays and Sundays. So, we rented a car and the couple showed us the way back to the college.

With the car, we were able to travel more and amazingly we found many advertisements (to sell a car, rent a house, etc.) in the shopping complex nearby. So, we took the number and made a call to a lady who wanted to sell her mother's old (1989) Ford for only $1,500. We went over to her house; my husband test drove that car and found the car in a good condition; we bargained and she agreed to sell it for $1,400. We filled in all the forms and settled the payment right there and went back with the car.

The next morning (Monday), that same lady text us (her name is Judy by the way) saying that she has a house to rent and asked if we were interested. I told her of course we were interested; why wouldn't I be interested, after all, the house is partly furnished with bedding, sofa and table. We settled everything on the same day and moved to the new house the next day (Tuesday). We were so blessed to have found a house so soon.

Last week, I applied for a work permit for my husband which was approved in 2 days; so we went to the Immigration Department to get the label on our Passport. Yesterday, my children started their first day at school near our house, only a 10-minute walk. I am so glad that everything turns up okay for me and my family.

I met with my supervisor last week; he is a nice person, and very understanding. Now, I can take a deep breath and start with my studies.

Please send my regards to Chris and Abbie; I am so much indebted to you guys, Thank You so much for all your support. Hope we will keep in touch.

Kayden Foong Chai Mei - Raffles Institute - Australia
NameKayden Foong Chai Mei
ProgrammeBachelor of Interior Design
InstitutionRaffles Institute
City StateSydney, New South Wales

A short but precise testimonial and truly reflecting the scenarios. If you are looking for efficiency and care or even hospitality from an education agent, JMECC, I can say this is the place. Thanks.

Brian Kan Shu Kun - University of Tasmania - Australia
Brian Kan Shu Kun
NameBrian Kan Shu Kun
ProgrammeBachelor of Environment Design
InstitutionUniversity of Tasmania
City StateHobart,  Tasmania

What to write? I would say I wouldn't be here if not for the staff of JMECC, 3 keywords to describe JMECC service - "speedy, effective & trouble-free"

I would be glad to help those newbies or so-called junior if needed. Domo arigato gozaimasu

Elaine Loke Yheng Ching - University of Newcastle - Australia
NameElaine Loke Yheng Ching
ProgrammeGraduate Diploma in Pyschology
InstitutionUniversity of Newcastle
City StateNew South Wales

Why International Study? Because studying internationally would give me more independence away from home and there is a lot more exposure studying in a good university overseas. The facilities are a lot better, the lecturers are more professional and there's a lot more independent study and students have a choice to do a lot more things.

The people at JMECC have been really accommodating in helping me to look for a university, recommending different choices of university. Additionally, the people here are also really helpful and patient in explaining about the visa et cetera items you need to get prepared before studying overseas.

Joan Quay Suen Jean - University of Auckland - New Zealand
Joan Quay Suen Jean
NameJoan Quay Suen Jean
ProgrammeBachelor of Arts
InstitutionThe University of Auckland
City StateAuckand
CountryNew Zealand

I am currently in my first year, taking one paper each semester. I have checked it. At first, I was worried about this because many others are taking more papers. In the end, I found out that my programme has only one paper each semester in the first year. I have also updated my nDeva contact details.

About JMECC, the staff are friendly & caring. The overall service is satisfactory.I am staying with Isaac, my uncle. Everything is quite good, just that I haven't found a job. We are signing up for a coffee making and bar course that will start next two weeks. It really excites me and I am looking forward to more interesting and challenging events. Cheers. Stay in touch!

Lee Wan Ching - Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University - Australia
NameLee Wan Ching
ProgrammeBachelor Of Music
InstitutionQueensland Conservatorium Griffith University
City StateQueensland

I don't regret going overseas to further my study. It really helps us to be a more unique individual. We also can learn more kinds of culture from different places and meeting other interesting people. Although going for international study is more expensive than staying in our country, we can learn many things. So it is really worth the value and investment. I recommend people to study overseas because I think international study really is better in many aspects especially the exposure, different teaching groups and environment. It is really so much different as music in my life.

Saudah AHMAD - Griffith University - Australia
NameSaudah AHMAD
ProgrammeResearch Degree Qualifying Program leading to PhD
InstitutionGriffith University
City StateQueensland

Thanks for your email. I am still waiting for my qualifying result which I expect will enable me to be licensed for a PhD candidacy :-)

I don't have much to say about studying here for the undergrad but my experience is more useful for postgrad students.

Being in Gold Coast is nice as the weather is not very much different from Malaysia. Not only the weather, but the flora and fauna are somewhat similar -- making you feel a bit like being home. I like this campus as it is not that busy and crowded -- so, it's not a hectic place to be. Sometimes it really reminds me of UUM.

For a Moslem, halal meat supply is easy to get. There are two nearby halal butchers provided that you choose to live in Southport, Labrador or other surrounding areas. The Gold Coast Mosque is also quite close to the uni (about 5 minutes by bus) and my place (about 10 - 15 minutes drive). There are very few Malaysians here though. So, going to the mosque comforts us to be able to meet other Moslems -- local and international. You won't miss your Friday prayer and Tarawih prayer during the Ramadhan. Starting from this school term, I am sending my kids to the mosque for an evening madrasah class (equivalent to kelas fardhu ain) after school. The kids love it as they will get sweets and a glass of juice at the end of a two-hour session.

Where we live (Southport) is the heart of Gold Coast -- close to the hospital and almost everything. Get an old car and you can enjoy your life here. I haven't gone to any of the tourist spots yet but these places are close to our place.

Now that I own an old car, to save my budget, I make it compulsory to buying things from weekly garage sales and monthly car boot sales. It's ever cheaper than buying from charity shops.

I don't want to comment on my study because different people have different experience especially in terms of supervisory relationship. I am lucky to have good supervisors. In terms of facilities, everything is fine. Here in the Accounting department, you are treated as part of the staff. You can replenish your stationery from the department.

That's it. It's good to be here. Don't let yourself be carried away with unnecessary things and you 'll be fine.

P/s I want to thank you again for your support even after I have already been here months. Especially with the visa application for my children.

Phoon Hooi San - University of Canterbury - New Zealand
Phoong Hooi San
NamePhoon Hooi San 
ProgrammePhD [Speech & Language Therapy]
InstitutionUniversity of Canterbury
City StateChristchurch
CountryNew Zealand

After a few years of being in the hustle and bustle of a hectic working life in Penang, I decided to do my PhD study in New Zealand, in 2007. I was recommended by a good friend to approach JMECC in Penang for assistance with my university application. I was truly satisfied with the services provided by JMECC. The staff members were very friendly, helpful and caring. At the initial stage, they helped me to apply for enrolment with the University of Canterbury and for scholarships. Once I was accepted, they helped me to arrange for my medical check up, and apply for the good conduct certificate and visa. They diligently followed up on all matters in these regards. At the later stage, the staff members briefed me about making the right preparation to study and live in New Zealand. They even arranged airport pick up for me when I first arrived in Christchurch. The whole process of applying to study in New Zealand was very smooth and well-taken care of.

My experience in studying abroad has been beneficial and unforgettable. I love every day of my life in Christchurch: the pace of living, the people, the culture, the art, the buildings, sceneries, etc. There is always something new to experience and explore, such as skiing, rock-climbing, cycling in the forest, swimming with the dolphins, tramping etc. Studying in University of Canterbury is very different than all the schools I had been to. I find it exciting and informational at the same time. My academic supervisors are very experienced and thoughtful. My thinking towards research is more questioning nowadays.

I highly recommend this institution to those who intend to undertake their post-graduate studies. To me, it is a chance of a lifetime, and something that no one should miss.

Phoong Chuang Xing - UCOL - New Zealand
PHOONG Chuang Xing
NamePhoong Chuang Xing 
ProgrammeBachelor of Computer Graphic Design
City StateWanganui
CountryNew Zealand

We finished our degree last December (with distinction). Now i am working at Perai Auto-City (Public Packages Holdings) while Chee Chyuan work for his father. this is my blog which you can get my photo inside there.

Thank you for all your efforts.

May You Be Blessed for all your Good Deeds

Raymond DEOU Yee Ken - University of Tasmania - Australia
Raymond DEOU Yee Ken
NameRaymond DEOU Yee Ken
ProgrammeBachelor of Business - Accounting
InstitutionUniversity of Tasmania
City StateHobart

JM has helped me to find a great place for me to start my University life. The application to UTAS was all handled well and quick. It minimized the pressure and helped me to concentrate on how I am going to survive my first year in Tasmania. So i want to thank JM in general for making the process smooth.

Life as a University student is an experience that shouldn't be missed. It has taught me many important things about money and managing my time. I also learn about the Australian cultures and way of life by making friends with them and joining them in their activities. So to sum it up, going overseas to study, you may need to leave your comfort zone but it will all be worth the invaluable experience. I want to wish anyone who is going overseas all the best and good luck.

Ruzelan KHALID - University of Canterbury - New Zealand
Ruzelan KHALID
NameRuzelan KHALID
ProgrammePhD [Management Science]
InstitutionUniversity of Canterbury
City StateChristchurch
CountryNew Zealand


Good Day!

Long time no hear. As I said before, your services were so good, thanks to Jabatan Pendaftar UUM for giving your card to me. And when someone asked me how they could apply for the visa for NZ, UK etc., I always ask them to consult JMECC. Unfortunately, not many PhD students would like to come here. We are happy here and some of our pictures can be seen at Feel free to take any picture to embed in your web site if you want.

Teoh Ee Lin - University of South Australia
Teoh Ee Lin
NameTeoh Ee Lin
ProgrammeBachelor of Psychology
InstitutionUniversity of South Australia
City StateAdelaide, South Australia

Thanks to JMECC, the procedures for applying to Australian universities were done very efficiently and I did not have to worry about anything as the staff are always helpful and ready to give advice if needed. My study experience at UniSA, Adelaide is an interesting and eye-opening one. Lecturers and tutors are easily reached via e-mail if we have any questions. One thing I enjoy most about studying at UniSA is that I get to meet many students from all around the world. This helps me in Psychology, the program I'm taking, because I would be meeting different people with different backgrounds and culture in the future!

LAW Hwa Siang - UCOL - New Zealand
Law Hwa Siang
NameLAW Hwa Siang
ProgrammeBachelor of Computer Graphic Design
City StateWanganui
CountryNew Zealand

I've already started teaching and it's been 2 months, everything is fine and well.

I'm very grateful for the services that you have provided; thanks for sending the emails on behalf of my parents! You've done all the procedures very fast and efficiently, which is great, also patiently explaining and answering all the enquiries we had made.

Here's a photo of Vicky Rogers and me, Vicky is the person you have been in contact with all the while.

I've been busy all this while, if I have some free time, I might drop by and visit you guys.

Nashrul Fazli Bin MOHD NASIR - University of Melbourne - Australia

NameNashrul Fazli Bin MOHD NASIR
ProgrammePhD [Engineering]
InstitutionUniversity of Melbourne
City StateMelbourne,  Victoria

I would like to thank JMECC for assisting us from the initial process of application until we reach Australia. Melbourne is a very cosmopolitan city and it can accommodate most our fellow Malaysian necessities; you can name it, from food to places of worship. Public transport is efficient and you can find many fellow Malaysians here who are happy to lend a hand if you need any assistance.

The University of Melbourne is one of the top universities in Australia for both undergraduate and post doctorate study. From my previous experience, JMECC will provide you ample information especially on the requirements needed by the university. The training given by the University is a world class experience and the degree is sought after by many employers.

Nik Fadzly Bin NIK ROSELY - Victoria University of Wellington - New Zealand
AziraNik Fadzly Bin NIK ROSELY
NameNik Fadzly Bin NIK ROSELY
ProgrammePhD [Science]
InstitutionVictoria University of Wellington
City StateWellington
CountryNew Zealand

Sorry for the late reply. Been pretty busy lately. Thanks for the wishes, here's hoping that the JMECC staff are also doing well. Sure I'd be delighted to give you guys some feedback.


New Zealand is one of the most unique countries in the world. Almost geographically isolated from the rest of the world, New Zealand offers the most unique opportunity in natural science studies. However, the procedure and regulations to study in New Zealand are also one of the most particular and pedantic process. Luckily, JMECC was there for us. The staff are really helpful, friendly and very efficient in helping out with the process. For me and my wife, our registration process at Victoria University of Wellington, visa application and even the initial temporary accommodation were done by JMECC. Best of all, its free!

We've been in New Zealand for a year and a half (and blessed with a baby recently). Life in New Zealand is quite challenging, but it is also one of the most memorable experiences in our lives.

Hope that's ok for feedback. Again sorry for the late reply. Please pass our regards to the other JMECC staff!

Nurul Husna Binti MOHD SHUKRI - Massey University - New Zealand
Nurul Husna Binti MOHD SHUKRI
NameNurul Husna Binti MOHD SHUKRI
ProgrammeMSc [Human Nutrition]
InstitutionMassey University
City StateWellington
CountryNew Zealand

I arrived at Massey University on 8th July. The weather is very cold but I'm getting used to it. However, I love the environment here. The people are very nice and kind. Anyway, thank you, JMECC for everything. I really appreciate their help in getting me to the Massey

ONG Wen Eng - University of Canterbury - New Zealand
ONG Wen Eng
NameONG Wen Eng
ProgrammePhD [Computational & Applied Mathematics]
InstitutionUniversity of Canterbury
City StateChristchurch
CountryNew Zealand

I would like to record my sincere thanks to all the staff of JMECC for their kindness, help and useful information. I was able get all the information that i need from JMECC during my preparation to further my studies overseas. I was actually quite surprised when JMECC didn't charge a single cent for providing such services. University of Canterbury has a well-maintained website with up-to-date information. This is indeed very useful for international students like us. In my experience, I was very encouraged by the efficiency of the university's administration. The duration of my application to enrol took less than 1 month. Thanks again to JMECC for everything.

Andrew Wong Yann Sheng - University of Tasmania - Australia
Andrew Wong Yann Sheng
NameAndrew Wong Yann Sheng
ProgrammeBachelor of Business - Accounting
InstitutionUniversity of Tasmania
City StateHobart,  Tasmania

The staff are very helpful at JMECC. Lots of thanks especially to Amanda who was able to press for answers from the university when they took quite a considerable time to get back to me.

As for university life, you need to be able to exercise self-discipline while you're here because you have to do more self-study and the assignments are more challenging here. Apart from that do take time to explore the nearby places like the Saturday market we have in Hobart.

College food is not really fantastic but still edible. It would be great if future students learn how to cook before they get here. At night it's quite hard to find any eateries outside unlike in Malaysia. Well, at least that's the case for Hobart and especially in winter.

Ariza Sharikin Binti Abu Bakar - Loughborough University - United Kingdom
Ariza Sharikin Binti ABU BAKAR
NameAriza Sharikin Binti Abu Bakar
ProgrammeMSc Building Services Engineering
InstitutionLoughborough University
City StateEast Midlands
CountryUnited Kingdom

Frankly speaking, I'm totally satisfied with the services which JMECC has offered. Your team is professional when handling all the application and the commitment you have given is most appreciated.

About the university, I've enjoyed being a student here. The environment here is really suitable for me. Talk about the facilities here. There are so many things provide here and it is convenient for the student.

In addition to that the academic staff are helpful and friendly. Loughborough University is a top ten university in UK. I have chosen the right university and I would like to recommend this university to anyone planning to study in UK especially those planning to choose Engineering course.

I think that's all I can say. Keep in touch.

Azira Binti ABDUL ADZIS - Massey University - New Zealand
NameAzira Binti ABDUL ADZIS
ProgrammePhD [Business]
InstitutionMassey University
City StateDunedin
CountryNew Zealand

I've been here for almost 5 months, and now slowly adapting to the new environment. I'm now starting to be busy with my PhD, and have to attend class too. My kids start going to school too, and they are both happy schooling here because no exams, no tests and just having fun.

Studying overseas is a great opportunity for me, where life at Palmerston North is very calm, peaceful and harmony. Thank you very much to JMECC for the great advice and services and de to JMECC, I am here at Massey University, the great university which offers conducive environment for study, with very supportive lecturers, great facilities, and helpful staff too.

Cheng Vern Jou - University of Otago - New Zealand
Cheng Vern Jou
NameCheng Vern Jou
ProgrammeMaster of Science in Food Science
InstitutionUniversity of Otago
City StateDunedin
CountryNew Zealand

Sorry for the late reply. Been busy with my thesis and assignments. How are you doing? Nice to hear from u again!

Life has been crazy. So much happenings going on. It's never boring here. The people here are extremely helpful and i felt welcome the moment I came here...and I still feel that way.

Just been through long's spring now and flowers are starting to bloom...I am starting to appreciate flowers and sun after the winter...since we are used to have them all year round in Malaysia, so I never really bother too much...but after going through winter, I just realize that flowers and sun made that much difference.

Oh... sorry to be going on about flowers and sun...I've attached some photos of the uni and also one when we organized a mid-autumn festival gathering to share with local and other international students...hope it's good enough for you...

Anyway, take care and keep in touch!!

All the best to you too.

Goh Mey Chiek - Griffith University - Australia
Goh Mey Chiek
NameGoh Mey Chiek
ProgrammeIntensive English
InstitutionGriffith University (English Language Institute)
City StateQueensland

Greetings to you: we arrived in Brisbane yesterday. So far everything is ok, our accommodations is fine, beautiful and very close to my school but unfortunately the distance to Xiang Ting's school is too far, so we may move to another place. However, thank you for you assistance.

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