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Things To Do While Studying Abroad

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Let me give you a little piece of advice. If you are ever presented with the opportunity of studying abroad, fling yourself at it! Trust me, it will be one of the best experiences of your life. Yeah, there’s the whole academic part of it, but there is so much more than just “studying” to it. Here’s a list of 6 things you get to do while studying abroad.

Utilize world-class facilities

Those tuition fees you have to pay? They include all the top-notch facilities that your university has to offer! Library, swimming pool, gym, social hangout spots…most universities will have these basic facilities. Thus, make the most of your money by using these facilities to your heart’s content! Plus, university facilities are a great spot to meet new friends.

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Make local friends

Some say that there is no point in studying abroad if you only plan to mix with your own people. By studying abroad, you have the exquisite opportunity to learn about a whole new culture, lifestyle and people, so grab it! Get to know as many of the local students as possible. You will be rewarded with loads of fun and a lifetime of friendship. Additionally, explore the nightlife, discover the city and make friends with other locals along the way! Who knows, your soulmate might even be among the crowd!

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Keep a journal/blog

Something unique that most students don’t think of when studying abroad is keeping a journal. It can be in written-form such as writing in a book, or it could even be an online blog. You could start an Instagram page dedicated to your journey, or even try your luck at fame by making TikToks! All these activities can give you something fun to do during your spare time. Then when your studies come to an end, you will have a detailed description of your memories abroad that you can treasure forever.

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Play or watch sports

If you are into sports, university might be your chance to shine. Join a sports club at your university and partake in friendly competitions. If you want to, you may even have the opportunity to take it one step further and join a local club! However, if you aren’t into playing sports, then grab your like-minded friends and watch others play! Cheer for your favourite team, feel the excitement and simply enjoy the exhilaration of sports.

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Travel and explore

It’s not often that we have the opportunity to travel. However, when you’re studying abroad, the opportunity increases by tenfold. During semester breaks, gather your friends and head on a road trip. Explore the different cities and their nightlives, discover the beauty of nature through parks and hiking trips. Try different cuisines, learn the language and engage with the locals. A whole new world is right before you. Dive into it and let the waves of adventure sweep you off your feet!

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Take your studies seriously

Last but not least, remember the reason you are abroad. Your studies. Although we encourage students to have some fun, it is crucial not to stray away from your purpose of being abroad. Be passionate about the subjects you are learning, be excited at the idea of learning new things. Expand your knowledge, skills and experience by embracing the beauty of learning. Your future self will thank you for it.

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