q Tiger Year Message From JM | Happy CNY 2022


We will be ushering and celebrating the year of the Tiger in a fortnight’s time. She is the third animal in the Chinese Zodiac. The feline is native to almost every region of the earth. In Asian culture, Tiger symbolises strength, bravery, and power. 

As far as JM is concerned, we are sanguine about the prospect going forward. At the corporate front, a sustained recovery in business is on the horizon. In terms of talent acquisition and development, we continue to be on the prowl for talents who are creative, proactive and hungry for success.

Since we are bidding farewell to two years of misery and restrictions, we find it apt to share the following Chinese proverb with fellow colleague, business associates, institution partners, students, parents and aspiring talents:

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Teh Cheong Hua
Managing Director
17 January 2022

*The almost two thousand years Chinese proverb literally says “one will not get the tiger cub without entering the tiger den”, which means nothing ventured, nothing gained.

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