UTS College Student Spotlight: Eva Tan from Malaysia

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Eva Paul Jing Tan knew from an early age that she wanted a career in nursing. “I have always enjoyed helping and caring for others,” she says, “My passion for learning about health care began with a lot of volunteer and charity work such as teaching and caring for children and the elderly. Knowing I could be part of a profession that helps others and saves lives inspires me to do by best.”

A colourful high school experience

After a varied high school experience, which included three years at Dulwich College in Shanghai before returning home to complete her IGSE at Prince of Wales Island International School, Eva took her Australian matriculation exams. With so much moving between countries, along with the disruptions of the pandemic, her school years were bumpy at times, and she is grateful to have had such an understanding family. “I am blessed to have a family that supports and encourages me throughout my journey,” she says.

When she set her sights on the Bachelor of Nursing at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS), Australia’s number one young university, they were right behind her. Eva says, “I wanted to study at UTS because it’s one of the best nursing schools in Australia.”

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UTS College, the pathway to UTS

Like many international students, Eva began her UTS experience at UTS College, the pathway to UTS. She enrolled in UTS Foundation Studies; a university preparation program that helps international students to prepare for Australian university study. Developed in collaboration with UTS, the course helps students develop the skills and knowledge they need to thrive in an Australian university. On successful completion of the program, they’re ready to enter first year of most undergraduate degrees at UTS or for a diploma program at UTS College.

Of course, the pandemic prevented Eva from travelling to Sydney. For students in her situation, who can’t study live on campus, UTS College offers Live Online. This is a sophisticated way of learning that enables students to study in their home country while they collaborate on group projects with students all over the world. Live Online includes face-to-face tutorials and independent learning activities, using advanced collaborative online tools. Classes are scheduled in real-time, just as they are on campus, and students receive the caring support and attention UTS College is known for.

A flexible and supportive study environment

While she is keen to study on campus as soon as she can, Eva discovered several benefits to this way of learning. She says, “I liked the flexibility – being able to study wherever I want. And the lecturers were great. The classes were small so they could focus on individual students and give extra help to those who needed it. Another important benefit is that I could seek help so easily by private message or using a chat box. I could also seek one-on-one help in a breakout room. Sometimes it’s less intimidating to seek help this way.” She also found the experience surprisingly social. “The best part of my time at UTS College,” she says, “was meeting and making so many friends. Now I have a new circle of kind and supportive friends from many different cultures and backgrounds.”

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An inspiring achievement

Eva adapted to the Live Online study environment so well that she graduated with the prestigious the Dean’s Merit award. This $5000 AUD cash prize is awarded to the full-time student who achieves the highest Grade-Point Average (GPA) in their program. It’s an achievement that has inspired Eva to enter her nursing degree with renewed confidence and determination. “I feel happy – it feels great,” she says. “Winning this prize has reassured me that my hard work pays off. I feel motivated to become the best version of myself.”

To other students preparing to study at UTS College, Eva says,

“I am so proud to have reached my goal of entering the Bachelor of Nursing at UTS. I think the best thing you can do is to have a clear goal and stick to it.”

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