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What is Education Counselling?

Graphics and Words by Caitlin Chuah

So, you want to apply for university, but you’re having a hard time finding the right course. You’re also struggling to select a study destination. Then there’s the application process, compiling all the documents, applying for visa, arranging accommodation…and with the pandemic, there are even more steps to the process, including Covid-19 tests and vaccinations. These days, applying to university is a whole spectacle, which can be overwhelming for both students and their parents. However, there is a simple solution to this. Cue education counselling.

Education counselling helps with providing advice and assistance to students in the process of their educational plans, including their preferred course and institution. We at JM Education Group will help you find the perfect course AND university for you. We have the appropriate resources to help you make informed decisions regarding your tertiary education.

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Aside from providing advice, we even assist with the application process! We will brief you on the required documents, provide a detailed outline of steps to take as well as compiling and submitting all your documents. Did you know that certain universities, especially in the UK, require you to have a personal statement written? Well, we can help you with just that!

Additionally, there are many application platforms such as UCAS, VTAC, SATAC, ApplyBoard etcetera. Many of these application terms and concepts are quite unfamiliar to students in Malaysia, leaving you and your parents unsure of which direction to head in. But rest assured, we at JM will educate and assist you on everything you need to know to apply to your selected university.

All our counsellors are experienced and very friendly, having served many students before and have successfully sent more than 20,000 students overseas to study. You will be spoilt for choice, as we have more than 380 institution partners in 8 different countries from which you can pick from! Fret not, as there are options for every student’s wants and needs.

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In specific, here are some of the services that we provide:

  • Personalized study and career advice
  • Assistance in processing applications
  • Tuition fee payment advice
  • Accommodation arrangement
  • Visa application

As you can see, we will guide you throughout the ENTIRE process, from selecting a university course to applying for visa to travel abroad. Leave the hard work to us. Oh, and did I mention that our services are completely FREE?

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With education counselling, you can focus on what’s important, feeling the excitement of starting a new chapter in your life, without the hassle of dealing with university applications. If you are a student looking to further your studies, or a parent of one that is, contact us to experience a smooth and quick application process. We are more than delighted to get you started on the next part of your life’s journey.

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