Why Pursue a Postgraduate Course?

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Before we dive into the reasons of why you should pursue one, you may be wondering, what is a postgraduate course?

Postgraduate courses are specialist qualifications that help you become an expert in a specific field of study. These courses are usually based on the knowledge you have acquired at an undergraduate level. Thus, you will need to have completed an undergraduate degree before pursuing a postgraduate one. Examples of postgraduate courses include: Master’s degree, PhD and Postgraduate Diploma. 

Better Job Opportunities

So, why should you pursue one? Firstly, you will stand out of the crowd. With undergraduate study becoming ever-so prevalent nowadays, obtaining a postgraduate qualification will allow you to possess an edge over your peers and attract many employers.

According to the Sutton Trust (2013), individuals who possess a postgraduate degree earn up to £5,500 (RM31,159) more a year on average than those who only possess an undergraduate degree. Additionally, according to the higher education graduate outcomes statistics provided by the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA, 2021), the unemployment rate among postgraduate students is considerably lower compared to undergraduate students.

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Improve Or Change Your Current Career

If you have already begun working but would like to give your career a boost, pursuing a postgraduate degree will help you do so! Obtaining a higher qualification will allow your employers to grant you increased and elevated responsibilities, thus leading you more quickly up the ranks.

Additionally, if you would like to switch careers or specialise in a certain area of your field, a postgraduate degree can be the key to unlocking your goal. Postgraduate degrees can act as conversion courses, allowing you to explore new fields of interest and follow your dream career path.

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Networking Opportunities

It’s likely that during your undergraduate study, you will be too busy adjusting to university life to properly develop your network. However, as a postgraduate student, you will have much more of an opportunity to connect with people who can be of aid when you enter your field professionally. Other than your classmates, get to know the faculty members and lecturers. As they are already industry-experts, their contacts will be of use to you when you require advice or career opportunities once you begin working.

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Personal Development

Lastly, pursuing a postgraduate course is one of the best ways to invest in yourself. If there has been a subject you have always been intrigued by and want to build your knowledge on, by all means, go for it! Along with all the benefits that we have mentioned above, if you have the resources to do so, there are absolutely no downsides in pursuing a postgraduate degree.

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