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Why Study Pre-University Overseas?

Studying abroad has become a new trend in Malaysia, thus attracting more youngsters to study abroad. It is because if the self-care ability is strong, the younger the students, the easier they are to adapt to independence and living alone abroad.

Students can learn (second) language faster and easier at an early age

In fact, the younger the students, the shorter the time they take to translate the knowledge they have learnt into English in a foreign country. Students will also be given English classes for their first semester studying pre-university overseas. Therefore, do not worry if English is not your forte!

Students can grow faster and be independent

No matter if they are living in an on-campus or off-campus accommodation, students must learn to be mature when facing and solving problems. Especially not having their parents close by, they will soon realised that independency is a must.

Students will learn to respect and appreciate the different cultures in a diverse student population

Students will have more opportunities to meet new friends from around the world through the university's activities; this has provided them the chances to build respect and empathy towards people from other background. In addition, they can learn about the local customs and integrate into the local life quickly.

Students can prepare advance for admission to prestigious institutions

The excellent school support makes the admission relatively easy when students apply into prestigious institution. For example, Trinity College has a great pathway for students who wish to pursue The University of Melbourne, and the best part; Trinity College is located right inside of The University of Melbourne. Student will have the priviledge to experience the "uni life" earlier. This is more advantageous if students has already decided to study overseas right after their High School IGCSE or SPM exams.

The cost of studying abroad, language tests, accommodation, and applying to the university after finishing the pre-university course have become a hot issues for parents to consult. Therefore, if you would like to know more about pathways or other enquiries, feel free to contact our professional counsellors from JM Education Group at CONTACT US for further enquiries.

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