GEMS International School

GEMS International School Tropicana Metropark, Subang Jaya (GIM) provides a Foundation Years to Year 12 programme in the English language to students from Malaysia and around the world. Through an enriched ‘Cambridge’/English National Curriculum that meaningfully includes Malaysian subjects and components, it facilitates outcomes that will see students develop a good appreciation of the home/ host country and the competence and confidence for global aspirationshttps://www.high-endrolex.com/11. At GIM, students are taught to be resilient, adaptable and able to learn about new situations and technologies and to work in jobs or deal with unforeseen problems. Through their co-curricular programmes, students are afforded opportunities for leadership and participation in experiences that develop aspiration, resilience and the understanding of others.

Courses Offered

  • Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) (Nursery, Reception Year)
  • Primary
  • Secondary
  • Sixth Form/A-Levels
  • Music Coaching Programme
  • English Language Learning

University Campus

  • Tropicana Metropark, Subang Jaya

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