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  • Charmaine L. ClarenceCharmaine L. Clarence

    My experience with the JM Education Group was outstanding. JiaYi, my agent, was immensely helpful and kind when helping me send out university applications, check for scholarships and helping me with issues in my enrolment process. She's very friendly and easy to talk to, I knew I could come to her with any issues that arose. Her replies were always very swift and informative and she never once seemed annoyed or bothered with the many questions I had. JM Education Group is definitely the go-to service when applying for universities.

  • BeeBee

    Wonderful experience!! Shoutout and thanks to Janice. Janice was my agent and she helped me so much in many ways. Janice gave me a lot of information and most importantly a lot of useful advice. She was very kind and was very patient with my questions. Without Janice I would have struggled more in choosing my paths. Thanks again Janice for the great service.

  • Nicole GohNicole Goh

    My experience with JM Education was amazing and I highly recommend this education group to anyone seeking assistance in furthering their education. Big thank you to my amazing agent Janice, she has helped me through the process of signing up to college with no problems at all. She was very efficient and helpful through out the whole process!

  • Kenneth ChoyKenneth Choy

    The agents over there were very friendly and responsive, i'll have to give full credits to my agent Janice. The help and info that was given is more than sufficient. I have nothing to worry about, everything is sorted out perfectly by her. Highly recommend for those students out there still having doubts on your future pathways :)))

  • Sook Fun LohSook Fun Loh

    Our agent, Janice has been very helpful and responsive. I am in Australia; my son in Malaysia and Janice coordinated his application for enrolment and Student Visa efficiently. She also assisted in our subsequent communication with the education institute. Our sincere appreciation for her work.

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