Han Chiang University College of Communication

Han Chiang has had a 100 year track record of providing affordable yet quality education. As a non-profit institution that cultivates leaders of the future, Han Chiang UC (HCUC) is committed to fulfilling the highest standards of excellence in teaching, learning and scholarship. As the first University College of Communication in Malaysia, HCUC prides itself on the distinguished dual award programmes that it offers in various areas, one area of which is Communication and Media. Our graduates, known for their academic and extracurricular achievements, are highly sought after by employers.

Apart from being known as the pioneer of communication studies in the Northern Region, HCUC offers undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in disciplines including Business and Management, and Applied Creative Arts and Design. We are also the first in Northern Malaysia to offer diploma and bachelor programmes in Chinese Studies.

Any degree conferred by HCUC is more than a mere qualification. Our graduates are well-equipped to take on challenges in the workplace, as they have benefitted from our industry-relevant education that is aligned to the requirements of the workplace. Our lecturers at HCUC are experienced professionals with extensive industrial experience. We believe in providing an education that emphasises innovation, long-term learning, and teamwork. Our goal is to empower our students so that they can make a difference in the lives of others.

At HCUC, we want our students to make the most out of their student life on campus. We aim to produce well-rounded graduates who are highly employable, industry-ready and equipped with the ability to take on new challenges. As HCUC moves forward and defines the future, we remain rooted to our values to stay true to our responsibilities as educators. We look forward to what lies ahead, as our students pursue their future ambitions with the same perseverance and passion that has brought HCUC to where we are today.

han chiang college
Han Chiang College

Courses Offered

  • Mass Communication
  • Business & Logistics Management
  • Visual Arts & Multimedia Design
  • Chinese Studies
  • Foundation in Communication

University Campus

  • Penang

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