Harrogate Ladies’ College

Carrying a strong sense of community and Christian value, the Harrogate Ladies’ College (HLC) has been pioneering young girls’ education ever since 1983. Often characterised as ‘family’ and ‘community’ by their pupils, HLC is a day and girls boarding school that seek to provide seamless educational experience for girls with age between 11 – 18 years.

HLC also provides various range of courses whilst remaining fierce supporters of a girl’s only education at senior school. This include Highfield Pre-School, Highfield Prep-School as well as Sixth Form programme. One of the most unique specialty that HLC had kept as a tradition was coming up with their own College Year Groups terminology that one could never find even in the other colleges. To top it off, all girls in the college will also be assigned to one of the four academic houses, which are named after inspirational women!

While ensuring the girls are receiving outstanding academic teaching quality, HLC are also providing various engaging curricular programmes for the girls to discover their passion and new skills. This includes variety of curriular clubs such as Astronomy, Drama, Sports, Music and much more. The girls are also provided with levels of individual support through the Pastoral Care system to ensure that they received the much needed reassurance, guidance and advice on a whole range of issues. 

Courses Offered

  • Highfield Pre-School (Pre-School & Nursery)
  • Highfield Prep School
  • Sixth Form (A-levels)

University Campus

  • Harrogate

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