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Murdoch University

Murdoch University is renowned for its “free thinking” ethos. We actively encourage creativity and critical thinking in all our students because we know these are skills for life that are highly valued by employers and make a positive difference to our community. We also recognise that the world is a complex and ever-changing place. Because of this, we stand by all our students and provide support and guidance, no matter what challenges come their way. Our students join a strong, caring and diverse community which places excellence in teaching, learning and research at the heart of all we do.

The most recent Good Universities Guide found we continue to deliver outstanding results, with five-star ratings in the areas of overall student experience, student support, teaching quality and student-to-staff ratios.

 Whether you want to change the whole world, some of the world, or just your world, our extensive range of courses and hands-on learning facilities will equip you with the skills you need. But the most important thing you’ll learn here? To think freely, and to think for yourself. We don’t follow the crowd, and neither do our students. Thousands of freethinking students have graduated from Murdoch and made their mark on the world. When you’re thinking for yourself, there’s no limit to what you might achieve. Free thinking has always been at the heart of Murdoch and continues to steer us towards activities that truly matter. We’re different, and we’re proud of it

Courses Offered

  • Veterinary Science
  • Agricultural Science
  • Chiropractic Science
  • Information Technology
  • Law

University Campus

  • Perth
  • Mandurah
  • Rockingham
  • Central Business District (CBD)

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