University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL)

Situated on the rolling plains that were once the frontier of the United States, Lincoln, Nebraska is home to more than just 250,000 friendly Midwestern citizens, a diverse and vibrant community, and the capitol of the State of Nebraska. It’s also home to one of the premier 4-year public research institutes of America – the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL).

UNL offers undergraduate students over 150 high-quality, flexible programs. These range from Actuarial Science to Fashion Design to Mechanical Engineering to Political Science and many, many more. Our colleges are awash with state-of-the-art facilities and dedicated faculty and staff that have continuously been crucial in helping students succeed on and off campus.

The most popular program at UNL for international students from all regions of the world has continued to be Computer Science. This program prepares students for the most innovative, challenging and promising careers of the 21st Century. Featuring world-class facilities, a groundbreaking curriculum, and renowned faculty members, it’s one of the country’s top computer science and engineering programs. Mechanical Engineering is a close second. This ABET-accredited broad-based program provides opportunities for employment in small or large companies located in any size town or city. Students can choose from one of three major areas including thermal-fluid science, systems and design, and materials science. Most students participate in one or more internships and enjoy the 50+ student organizations at the highly-ranked College of Engineering. For those more business-minded students, our Business Administration program is a popular choice. This major is designed for students who wish to obtain a broad education in business administration rather than specializing in a specific area within the College. For the student who has an educational goal that bridges two or more areas of business, the general business administration major permits the design of a tailor-made program to fit that goal.

Getting involved is a big part of the college experience – especially for international students! At UNL, we have over 500 student organizations to choose from. The Aikido Club, Biochemistry Club, Break Dance Organization, Chess Club, Electronic Gaming Club, Fine Art Photo Club, and India Students Association are just the tip of the iceberg.

UNL is all about value. Value in terms of; 1) affordability, 2) location, and 3) academic and professional opportunities. Our tuition is very competitive with other universities of our type and the cost of living in Lincoln is considerably lower than other popular study destinations like San Francisco, Chicago, or New York City. Our location provides a safe and clean environment for students to study in, with easy access to the Lincoln and Omaha Airports. But perhaps the most valuable feature of UNL is the academic and professional opportunities provided to students. Our students are encouraged to explore their interests to find the right academic and career path for them. This is done through flexible programs that require the same core courses through which students can easily transfer to another program without losing time or money. Our graduates have gone on to work for companies like Microsoft, NASA, and Tesla but they’ve also boldly started their own ventures and found great success.

Come join us at UNL and experience what it means to be a Husker!

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UNL Campus

Courses Offered

  • Computer Science
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Business Administration
  • Actuarial Science
  • Fashion Design

University Campus

  • Lincoln, Nebraska

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