University of Technology Sydney

UTS takes a global approach to education that has innovation at its core. All their courses are closely aligned with industry need, so what students learn will prepare them for their future career.

UTS is a young university, but are already making a name for themselves. UTS is Australia’s top young university, according to the QS Top 50 Under 50 and THE Young University rankings (2021) – and ranked #9 (THE), #11 (QS) globally as well. Plus, the univeresity achieved 5+ for excellence across all eight categories of the QS StarsTM Rating System. Not bad for an institution that’s just 30 years old.

With more than 150 undergraduate and 250 postgraduate courses across emerging and traditional disciplines, UTS has a course for you. Choose from:

  • Business
  • Communication
  • Creative Intelligence and Innovation
  • Design Architecture and Building
  • Education
  • Engineering
  • Health
  • Information Technology
  • International Studies
  • Law
  • Science and Maths
  • Transdisciplinary Innovation

UTS also has a range of research and study abroad programs.

The university is committed to hands-on practical learning – theory is great, but applying what you know is crucial to your success. Major projects, group work and real-life case studies are key to their practice-based approach, and they’ll give students the skills needed to impress future employers. UTS’s industry partners also help shape the course content, which means everything students learn reflects the real world of work.

UTS has invested $1.3 billion in creating a dynamic and interconnected campus of the future, with tech-driven, purpose-built spaces that’ll inspire students to learn. Take advantage of their extensive student spaces, relax on the Alumni Green, and make the most of living in one of the world’s great cities. Are you the entrepreneurial type? UTS is surrounded by Sydney’s creative and digital industries, so you could be learning next door to and collaborating with some of the big names in your field.

Life in a new city can be challenging – but the university provides support services to help students along the way. Essentials are provided – health and counselling, academic support and English language tutoring – as well as some added extras, like careers preparation, housing assistance and a wealth of sporting and social events. And UTS is making a big investment: they’ll be spending over $30 million on scholarships and grants for high-achieving international students until 2021.

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University of Technology Sydney

Courses Offered

  • Business
  • Engineering and Information Technology
  • Design, Architecture and Building
  • Health
  • Arts and Social Sciences

University Campus

  • Broadway
  • Haymarket
  • Blackfriars
  • Moore Park
  • Botany
  • Prince of Wales Hospital at Randwick

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