JM Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Program

We are glad to share JM’s unique Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program which we recently concluded.

The program which we named JM Run & Sweat for Charity has been running for 2 years since 2022.

As the name implies, JM colleagues would run and jog during the 3 months event duration. Participants were at liberty to run & jog as much or as little as one would like to taking into account one’s stamina and routine. Weekend and public holidays were particularly busy periods.

jm charity run cover 2 04

With the assistance of the Adidas running app technology, mileages clocked up would be accumulated towards the determination of individual runner’s entitlement to nominate the charity they would like the company to donate on their behalf, from a designated pool of funds.

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The donation CSR drive had been the great motivating factor for fellow JM colleagues to putting on their running shoes, jerseys and sweating them out! Some ran in the parks, neighbourhood jogging track, promenade and lakeside. The more one ran, the more donation fund one could nominate towards the preferred charitable organisation.

jm charity run cover 3 03

This year’s campaign generated a group mileage of about 1200 KMs versus under 800 KMs last year. The enthusiasm, camaraderie and active participation had resulted not only in meaningful CSR Charitable donation, but the health & well-being of JM colleagues had also vastly improved!

2024 may see JM adopting a new CSR campaign.

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