Living Costs at Keele University

Students studying at university or college can have different living costs depending on where and what they will be studying, their lifestyle and any financial commitments they might have.

Keele has been named as the most affordable place in the country to be a student for having among the cheapest weekly rent rates and travel costs than anywhere else in the UK. The findings have been compiled by Keele University at credit card company marbles.com to help students come to an informed decision when applying to university in 2017.

If you are looking at staying on the campus, students pay averagely £120 to £130 per week for rental at Keele. Apart from tuition fee and accommodation fee, you should also budget for other additional cost such as travel expenses (especially if you are living off-campus), course materials, food and drink, and utilities. Keele students enjoy discounts on food and drinks on the campus by showing Keele Card, which is also their student ID card. UK Visa and Immigration requires you to have a budget of £1,023 per month to study outside of London. This amount is in addition to the tuition fees. Students’ total living expenses differ, depending on how you spend and socialise.

As an international student with a valid student visa, you are allowed to work part-time for up to 20 hours during term time to earn some pocket money. Do contact Keele Student Union and Keele Career Hub to check out for any jobs available.

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