Study Journey with Cheryl

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My name is Cheryl, I’m 24 this year. I did a degree at Coventry University, UK, in Media and Communications. I was abroad for 2 years starting from 2017.

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Why did you choose to study in Coventry?

First of all, it was cheaper than other options in the UK. Secondly, studying in the UK grants more exposure as it is more global.

How was your university experience?

My university experience was amazing! I stayed at the university dorms during my first year, then I moved out together with a few friends during my second year. I did work while studying, as a waitress at a Chinese restaurant, then also doing some freelance part-time jobs in my second year. I joined a few clubs and societies at my university, such as the investment society, Malaysian society and even a frisbee club.

Before Covid struck, I would go out with my friends and travel. However, once the lockdown started, we mostly made our memories at home. One fun activity that we did a lot of during the lockdown was baking and cooking.

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What was your favourite memory in the UK?

Due to Covid, some of my favourite memories were actually when I was at home with my friends. We had some celebrations and parties, cooking and eating lots of food.

One time, I went to my friend’s house to celebrate her parents’ anniversary. That was actually one of the best moments during my time in the UK. I just had so much fun being together with my friend and her family.

How did JM help you throughout the application process?

JM helped me a lot actually, first of all by suggesting a few universities to me. But mostly I appreciated their help with all the paperwork, as I had to submit my personal statement and qualifications to the university. It was a long process, about 2 months, but JM made the process a lot smoother and less stressful.

Would you recommend JM to others?

Before going to JM, I went to a few other education consultant agencies. However, they were not very helpful. JM consulted all my concerns and catered to my every need. I would definitely recommend JM to my friends. JM is very helpful.

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Study Journey with Cheryl

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